Friday, February 19, 2016

Top 5 Disadvantages of Keeping Duplicate and Junk Files

Periodically removing dupes will free up invaluable amount of disk space for you which can be later consumed for saving more important files. This is very significant particularly for those users who frequently download high volumes of data from the Internet or stream online movies. Also, sometimes you might save a file from the Internet and later just happen to forget about the file’s location on your computer. In such instances, obviously every user would just prefer to re-download that file rather than going through your HD for a single file!

This is how duplicates multiply. And the occurrence of such events increase manifold when you have a large HD divided into several partitions, and you download endless amounts of data. So be on the lookout for such files and remove them. Want to know how to remove them without doing it manually? Read on!

Top 5 disadvantages of keeping duplicate junk files:

1. Duplicate files occupy valuable amount of space.
2. Slows down your computer.
3. It's time consuming to trace the original file. Search Results may display several files – original and identical copies.
4. You might exceed your free storage limit if you’ve subscribed to a cloud storage service. And then you would be forced to pay a premium for more space.
5. Time consuming to manage disorganized library.

Just like technology has somehow contributed to the increasing growth of duplicate files on your hard drive, it has also provided a very effective, secure and straightforward solution to weed out dupes with the help of a duplicate cleanup tool.

Getting Rid of Dupes…

Download Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker and scan all partitions of your hard disk except
the system drive. If your documents, music, videos, images are stored in the system drive, just add custom folders through the Add button from the “Include to Scan” area instead of selecting the whole drive.


1. Supports Different File Types:

Clone Files Checker roots out identical files including images, music, videos, documents and archives.

2. Supports Cross Format Analysis

It’s intelligent algorithm goes into great depth to compare pictures. It scans pixels rather than examining file names and formats. So this all this might seem technical to us human beings, Clone Files Checker can accomplish it all in a flash.

3. Scan Filters

You can choose whether to scan for specific file types within the drive / folders or if you want a universal scan. 2 options namely All Files and Custom allow you to make your choice. To scan all file types, choose the former, else go for the latter one.

4. Automatic Selection

After finding duplicates and gathering results into a list box, use the “Select Duplicates” button.

5. Deletion Options

1. Move Dupes to Recycle Bin: Moves your duplicate files to the Recycle Bin so that you can restore them later, if required.
2. Move Dupes to a New Folder: Creates a New Folder or sends duplicate files to an existing folder.
3. Permanently Delete: Removes dupes permanently – with backup, as default. You may, however, choose not to create a backup. You can even delete all the older backups.

6. Restoring Backups

Use the “History” tab to restore your backups anytime. You’ll be prompted to select a folder to extract the compressed backups.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Adwords account optimization and setup checklist

Here is a handy checklist for adwords advertisers. Using this checklist you can audit an existing account, setup campaigns for a new account and/or even give recommendations to a prospective client. 

Type of operationDetails 
Quality Score Automation RuleThere are some enabled keywords whose quality score is below 3 which is very bad for account health. I will add an automation rule which will automatically pause any keyword the time its quality score falls below 3. It is a bad idea to keep low quality keywords alive!
Negative KeywordsThere are no negative keywords added at campaign or ad group level. We should add the negative keywords (at campaign and adgroup level) to save money on clicks which won't convert.  Negative keywords clicks will not result in a sale!

I will do a holistic negative keywords research for each ad group.
More Keywords and Adroups Research for more keywords to add them into existing and new ad groups. It will help us target more clients and structure our campaign.
Add impressive adsI like to write ad copies and I will write new ads for each ad group. Ad settings also need to be changed to "show evenly"
Landing PagesBased on my new keywords research, we might need to add new relevant landing pages for better conversions.
Conversion Setup Please coordinate with me and tell me if you have placed the conversion tracking code at the right place?
Include Search PartnersI can see your campaign is not using search partners. We can use this as well to get more customers. 
LocationsAdd more locations and add location bid modifiers to bid less for countries where conversions are low. 
Ad SchedulingAdd schedules to bid more or less during different time intervals.
Give idea about remarketing to those website visitors which have not converted during their first visit. 
Ad extensions
Add the ad extensions such as call extension, location, reviews, etc.
OpportunitiesReview google opportunities and act on these advices. It helps adwords account gain a good reputation in the eyes of adwords. 
ReportsReview reports to check campaigns performance on daily basis. 
Display CampaignsI will setup display campaign and find selected placements to display your ads. It will give your site an additional exposure and bring in new clients. 
Image AdsI will, with the help of designer, design a few important ads for you under this package. Good-looking ads are important for branding. 

If you liked the list, use it extensively anywhere. You can also share your suggestions to improve it further.