Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Windows 10 Could Come Up with a Subscription Model

There’s been chatter on Internet over this issue. Different sources and leaks indicate a possibility that Microsoft could come up with a subscription model for its upcoming release- Windows 10. Undoubtedly, it has not been confirmed officially.

The earlier versions followed a common tradition of paying a few hundred dollars to get a perpetual genuine license copy. However, it seems that the company has decided to collect a few dollars from customers every month as a part of their monthly subscription. It is also assumed that the company may offer a free basic version to people and lock all advanced features unless you pay for those features. In other words, advanced features will be activated once you pay for your copy. That is similar to different existing schemes followed by the company.

The speech of Microsoft COO Kevin Turner in a recent conference organized in Arizona, gave no clear confirmation about the new model. However, it gave a hint that subscription-based payment mode may play a key role to improve revenue stream for the company. The speech overall briefed how Microsoft lost a big chunk of money-making potential in last few years. The company is looking at cloud-based solutions to generate more income.

The overall technological market trend is currently shifting from PCs & laptops to tablets and smartphones. Windows tablets, Windows Phone face a strong competition with Android tablets and iOS respectively. The tough competition with Android tablets and iOS has forced Microsoft to give away Windows 8 operating system free-of-cost to branded small-scale tablets and Windows Phone OS to smartphones.

The question is whether Microsoft is really dreaming up for a subscription-based model for its new release? Is Microsoft really considering to move away from traditional one-time buy model? Since there is no official statement from the company, it is not clear what kind of compelling features will be part of the package.

Microsoft already provides numerous services with subscription-based model- for example- Office365, Office for iOS, Skype, Microsoft OneDrive, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Live, and so on.

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