Monday, December 22, 2014

How duplicate files can make designers less productive

John, a graphics designer working in an IT firm, was feeling disorganized and his productivity was at ebb due to a cluttered PC. It was time for him to fix this little dilemma of his digital life.

'I had tons of duplicate photos, stock images/icons and adobe files in my PC. Whenever, there was a new design project I would start working on it as soon as possible. But due to zillions of duplicate files, it always took a lot of time to access stored images and screenshots. To add fuel to the fire, my PC worked at a snail's pace.' For him it was like sailing a mammoth ship alone.

Graphics designing is not just a productive work. It involves high level of creativity and computing in a relaxed environment is essential to work.

To achieve such a working environment John needed a well-organized PC with a faster system performance.

Organizing data wasn't a no-brainer job for him. He had to indulge in duplicate data identification and manual removal of the redundant photos and other types of files. It also involved creating several new folders, which, however was comparatively an easier thing to do.

John started with making his computer light. To get rid of the duplicate files he decided to chose a duplicate file finder tool, Clone Files Checker, as there was no factory-made tool provided by Microsoft in order to remove identical files.

To his surprise there were 35 GBs of wasted space due to cloned files. After removing them through the cleaning utility he felt his PC was running like new and it was cleaned up from deep inside. It was easy for him to check for images in his PC, start the new Adobe photoshop designs and save images without the fear of creating further duplicates.

"I am saving 10 to 20 minutes daily after organizing my files and speeding up my computer", John happily stated. It was not just about creating more space but he was able to move to new folders the several 1000 scattered and orphaned files. A duplicate finder did this job well for him.

Its a wise choice for designers to always keep their data well-organized. Making separate folders for different types of files can help them easily locate files and work faster on their projects.

To easily identify and eliminate duplicate files and enhance productivity, Clone Files Checker can be tried without the risk involved. This handy software takes backup of the data before deleting the copied files. TRY it here:

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