Tuesday, January 21, 2014

YouTube Revamped Comments

YouTube has again revamped comments system after user’s staunch criticism. The new commenting system is little easier to manage and place comments under video. Initially YouTube set to force users to have Google + account in order to place comment under videos. That modification was annoying because comments notifications were sent to YouTube Inbox and users were receiving alerts on Google + notification page. Now the new commenting system allows video creators to moderate, respond and view the comments in one place.
Now you would see a dashboard (kind of single window) for all the comments that users receive under the video. For instance, when the user places comment under video—you can flag, report, respond to it, view, deny or approve it. This means the actions remain the same but moderation is done on dashboard.

Now in latest commenting system, you can set up filters for approved, blacklist and banned users. So video creator is now more flexible in dealing with the comments.

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