Thursday, January 23, 2014

Protecting your System Against Viruses & Malware

Computer viruses are self-replicating, meaning they have the ability to copy themselves to all partitions and connected devices. It’s a well-known fact that there is no single device like internal/ external hard disk, USB flash drive, DVD ROM which wouldn’t infect by viruses. Viruses perform sort of harmful activities in background without user attention.

Antivirus programs play a critical role in detecting and removing viruses. An antivirus program works in two ways- it scans for signatures and heuristic detectors. In the former case, it scans for known threats and viruses which are identified in the research lab. In the latter case, it scans for suspicious behaviour of files and unknown viruses. Thus usually signature detectors have greater chances of detecting genuine viruses since they are already proved/ identified in company’s research lab. That is why you’re recommended to update virus database on a regular basis. Updated virus database identifies more viruses, reduces chances of false positives. On the other hand, as long as heuristic detectors are concerned, some files may not be virus but they are detected just because of their runtime behaviour. There are chances of false positives in the case of heuristic detectors.

Viruses are known to be found in the form of.exe, .bat, .com and some other file extensions. Many of us are unaware of the fact that viruses sometime make their file icon look like a folder or an image so that the user opens it without suspecting. Despite this some viruses save themselves into MS Office macros and rogue software programs.These are some important things that you have to remember in order to take care of your computer security. You’ll have to avoid downloading files from untrusted sources, avoid opening files and email attachments before they are scanned for viruses. If you’re connecting a new device like external hard disk, USB flash drive or CD/ DVD then you should scan it immediately. While surfing on the Internet, use a website popularity displayer.You need to get a powerful Antivirus software which has several features such as antivirus, malware/ spyware/ adware/ Trojan horse/ keygen scanner and Firewall protection. A good antivirus should contain all these features in order to protect your computer. This is because viruses are of different types and you must be prepared to fight with dangerous threats found nowadays.

As I have previously stated, you must update your antivirus software on a regular basis. Not only the virus definitions but also the main engine, i.e. update to the latest version of the software available on the Internet.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

YouTube Revamped Comments

YouTube has again revamped comments system after user’s staunch criticism. The new commenting system is little easier to manage and place comments under video. Initially YouTube set to force users to have Google + account in order to place comment under videos. That modification was annoying because comments notifications were sent to YouTube Inbox and users were receiving alerts on Google + notification page. Now the new commenting system allows video creators to moderate, respond and view the comments in one place.
Now you would see a dashboard (kind of single window) for all the comments that users receive under the video. For instance, when the user places comment under video—you can flag, report, respond to it, view, deny or approve it. This means the actions remain the same but moderation is done on dashboard.

Now in latest commenting system, you can set up filters for approved, blacklist and banned users. So video creator is now more flexible in dealing with the comments.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Facebook Paper could kill Flipboard

Facebook reportedly set to deliver news on mobile and tablets through its Flipboard-like social news reader called Paper. According to Re/Code, Facebook is set to launch its own mobile news reading service called Paper. The new service would be very similar to Flipboard. 

Both Flipboard and Facebook Paper are sharing number of similarities such as displaying news feeds and mix of stories from different publications. Some familiar sources said that Facbooks’s new service would hit the market before end of January. It could either be web app optimized for mobile device or standalone mobile app.

According to Wall Street Journal, Mark Zuckerberg is intending to turn popular social media network into best personalized digital newspaper of the world. Facebook itself has not yet commented on the launch date of the product.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

7-Data Memory Card Recovery Software

7-Data Card Recovery is a file recovery program for Windows. It is designed to recover data from SD/ Memory Cards. The program effectively restores deleted or formatted images and media files from MicroSD, xD Picture Card, CF Card, SDHC, Memory Stick and much more.

7-Data Memory Card Recovery Software

7-Data Card Recovery Situations

1.      Accidently removed photos from memory card
2.      Accidently pressed Delete All
3.      Inaccessible memory card
4.      Data corrupted in your memory card when you pulled out it while your camera is on
5.      You lost data because you were using single device between different PCs/ Cameras
6.      Your kid accidently deleted your media files

The program supports following card types:

1.      SD Card, miniSD, MicroSD, Secure Digital card, SDHC
2.      CF type 1, Type II, CF Card, MicroDrive
3.      Duo, XC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro
4.      SmartMedia, xD Picture Card, Flash Card, Cellular Phone Memory
5.      Multimedia Card
6.      Micro SDHC, card for Android

It supports following Image File Types:

1.      .BMP, .CDR, .CLK
2.      .MAX, .AI, .ANI
3.      .CMX, .CRW
4.      .CUR, .DXF, .DWG
5.      .GIF, .ICO, .FH11, .EMF, .EPS, .JPEG,.JPG, .PNG, .PSD
6.      .PSP, .QPW, .SHW, .TIF

It supports following Video Formats:

·         .ASF
·         .AVI
·         .MP3
·         .MP4
·         .3gp
·         .AU
·         .MOV
·         .AVI
·         .SWF
·         .WAV
·         .WMF

7-Data Recovery Software is compatible with the following versions of Windows:

1.      Windows XP
2.      Windows Vista
3.      Windows Server 2003, 2008
4.      Windows 7
5.      Windows 8

7 Data Recovery

To restore data from your memory card you need to go through simple processes outlined below:

Step 1: When you launch 7-Data Recovery software on your system, it shows you removable device or memory card. You need to click on SHOW LOCAL DRIVES.

Step 2: Now select the disk volume which is your memory card. To restore the files click on Next. It will start scan for recoverable files. There is advanced settings as well for configuration.

Step 3:  Once scan is finished, you can see list of files in your memory card. Select thumbnail view to see the images and double click on image to see it in separate window. If you want to recover a particular file, you can use the Search option.

Step 4: Select the files that want to restore/ recover and click on Save. Finally select the destination on which you want to store the data. Files will be stored in destination folder automatically.