Thursday, December 12, 2013

OfficeSuite Pro 7 Insights

OfficeSuite Pro is an app for android with millions of downloads. Recently they have released OfficeSuite Pro 7 with some new features, updated user interface and much more. Here are insights of newest version. 

Dictionary Support

Besides other dictionaries the latest version supports Oxford Dictionary. You just need to navigate in the menu of dictionary list to find it. The supported dictionary is an add-on that costs $49.99 which is three times higher than actual cost of the app. However, for limited time period they have offered 90% off on it.

Search Support

Besides Oxford Dictionary, version 7 provides you an opportunity to Google Search words within the document. When you click on the word, there would be pop-up. Click on the right button and it would take you to the web browser and Google Search. It would quickly let you know what the word really means.

The Google Search support in the app is absolutely free.

Camera Support

One of the most interesting features of the app is ability to snap a picture. After snapping the picture you can place it in Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint Presentation and Word Document without leaving the app. Just open the camera app and take a picture and it would be automatically added into the document.

Once you place the picture inside the document, you can resize it, rotate it and perform other little required manipulation. You can place as many pictures as you want.

Advancement in Excel

Excel spreadsheet in version 7 is improved. The latest version has cleaner user interface including font formatting and cell dragging improvements. The ability to rearrange spreadsheets is the best new feature added.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 provides best Excel experience on Android.

Other Improvements

Some other improvements include dual screen support, PowerPoint improvements and better compatibility with QuickSpell. The newest version of the product has lots of refinements, additions and enhancements.

Using Latest Version

The latest version of the product has pretty nifty user interface along with large button for categories of buttons it handles. The categories are

·         Spreadsheets
·         PowerPoint Presentations
·         Text Documents

This app supports following file formats.

·         RTF
·         TXT
·         DOC
·         DOCX
·         LOG
·         XLS
·         DOCM
·         XLSX
·         ZIP
·         PDF
·         PPT
·         PPTX
·         CVS
·         PPS
·         PPTM
·         PPSM
·         PDF
·         EML

The app works well with major cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Google Drive. It has file browser that allows you to select or create default location for your document at startup. Voice search is also available in this app. There is handy feature that is link to customer support.

Working with OfficeSuite Pro 7

Creating the new documents within app is straightforward. It provides you strong editing support. You can place comments for quick document collaboration. It does not have version tracking at the moment but it is expected that they shall bring it to the product soon. Spreadsheets are easy to work with and editing equations is far easier.

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