Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All About Nokia Lumia 1020

The competition is clearly catching up between Nokia, Samsung and Sony. 41 MP camera of the new Nokia Lumia 1020 is really wonderful in terms of its megapixels.
Nokia Lumia 1020
It gives delight to photographers and captures extremely clear photographs with reduced noise. The default resolution is set to 5 MP which you can change up to 38 MP, i.e. 4:3 aspect ratio.

As long as the image quality is concerned, it is much better than any other 5MP and even 8MP camera. You don’t have to lose image clarity while cropping a small portion of your high-resolution images. It is easy to use with both manual and automatic modes. Like earlier models, Nokia continued providing various lenses- such as Smart Cam, Panorama, Camera 360 and Cinemagraph. Other camera features include optical image stabilization, shutter speed of 1-16,000, ISO settings of 100-4000 and 3x digital zoom.

There are some cons as well. The flash shows a yellow hint in the captured images. Phone doesn’t allow you to quickly capture the photos. Close-up shots and camera performance aren’t satisfactory. To take the best photo you must be at least 17-20 inch away from the object.

Well, one thing is sure the company has added benefits in the camera though it cannot be compared with that of a high-end digital camera. There is a huge camera hump at the backside of the phone. The phone design is better than Galaxy S4 Zoom. There is still scope for the company to improve the phone design in upcoming versions.

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