Monday, September 9, 2013

Slow Macbook Pro -- How Can we Speed it Up

Mac runs slow over a period of time. There are several factors that contribute this issue. This article comes with best techniques commonly used to improve Mac performance.

1. Check the Disk Usage
2. Remove Logs and Cache Contents
3. Check CPU Usage
4. Upgrade Hardware
5. Remove Ion Clutter from the Desktop
6. Remove Unneeded Apps
Check the Disk Usage

Lack of enough free disk space causes slow Macbook Pro problem. My rule of thumb is to have at least 20 GB available as free disk space. It’ll optimize the capacity of programs and drivers. Go to Applications | Utilities | Disk Usage.

Remove Logs and Cache Contents

Activity logs and cache contents fill up your disk space. Deleting these files will not cause adverse consequences. It is completely safe to delete them. Remove all temporary files, logs and cache contents in order to free up disk space.  The log directory is generally ~/Library/Logs.

Check CPU Usage

CPU Usage is determined depending on number of open and background applications. Higher the running applications more will be the CPU Usage and vice versa. Lower CPU Usage is important for the smooth functioning of Mac. Check CPU Usage and quit unnecessary applications to fix slow Macbook Pro.

1. Open Activity Monitor.
2. Choose My Processes | % CPU.

Upgrade Hardware

It is often experienced that outdated hardware or hardware below minimum system specifications contribute to the slow Macbook Pro problem. Upgrade your hardware. Buy a RAM with more memory, a hard disk with more capacity.

Remove Ion Clutter from the Desktop

Your desktop can be full of icon clutter. It may have dozens of program/ game icons that
adversely affect its performance. Remove these icons or move them in to a single folder to get most of the performance.

Remove Unneeded Apps

If you have too many programs installed please remove those you don’t actually use. This will

free-up the disk space and stop unnecessary background apps.

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