Monday, September 9, 2013

Lessons of Life App Review

Lessons of Life is a wonderful app that will provide you with a daily dose of quotes that will inspire you big time. This excellent collection of quotes is bound to fulfill your appetite of quotations as well as help you become a better person by providing exceptional lessons that are bound to have a lasting impact on your life as they help you shape up your personality.

Download: Lessons of Life (Windows Phone)

This app is a very unique addition to the existing piles of apps at WindowsPhone platform. Most of the apps usually cater to the conventional topics nowadays but this is where the developer has struck the right notes as this is what makes this app stand out from other apps and the developer deserves accolades for sticking to a non-conventional topic and gifting us something that can prove to be a source of inspiration.  

Lessons of Life contains a meticulous collection of awe inspiring quotes and add up to that the well designed app that never crashes or gives way, which result in quite a few praiseworthy reviews for this app. Yet another feather in its cap indeed!

Like all other apps that leave no stone un-turned in facilitating their users to all extents, Lessons of Life also follows suit. It has a couple of helpful tricks up its sleeve that further add up to its goodness. First up is the ability to share your favorite quotes with your friends list via Facebook or Twitter. All that is required is a tap of a finger and that’s it. Next, there is the Favorites Panel that allows you to save your favorite quotes for a quick recall later on whenever you want. An excellent package overall and therefore highly recommended!

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