Friday, September 27, 2013

Fix Update Error 102 Mac

Mac users may experience inability to update applications. The update process aborts with an error message. The problem occurs due to faulty software, unsupported external devices, problematic startup items and corrupt cache contents. Diagnose the problem with the steps given in the article.

1. Delete Cache and PList Files
2. Disable Startup Items
3. Check Disk Errors
4. Unplug External Hard Disk & Other Devices
5. Delete Recently Installed Apps

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Delete Cache and PList Files

Cache is a location that contains most frequently accessed files. Corrupt cache causes interruptions during the update process. Delete Cache and PList files in order to get rid of this problem.

1. Restart the Mac.
2. Enter into the Safe Mode by holding Shift key for some time. This will prevent unwanted interruptions by programs during cache cleaning operation.
3. Open the following folder:
4. Delete following files:
5. Open the following folder:
6. Delete the following file:

Deleting PList File

1. Open the Finder.
2. Click Go Menu | Go to Folder.
3. Type the following path in the Finder dialog:

4. Delete files that end with “.plist” extension.

Disable Startup Items

Some of the existing startup items could be responsible for MAC update error 102. A startup program might be not functioning properly. Disable startup items to make OS run stable.

1. Click System Preferences | Accounts.
2. Click Startup Items tab.
3. Select all startup items and then click the Remove button.
4. Reboot your machine.

Check Disk Errors

Disk errors cause failure in retrieving information stored in files. Repair disk errors with the help of Disk Utility.

1. Go to Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility.
2. Start disk repair process.
3. Reboot your system when you’re done fixing update error 102/ error 102 Mac.
Unplug External Hard Disk & Other Devices

Mac shows error message due to malfunctioning external hard disk and other devices. If you have connected a new hardware just unplug it. You won’t experience this issue again if it is related with any particular hardware device. Unplug your external hard disk, express cards and PCI cards.

Delete Recently Installed Apps

Delete all recently installed apps. Here are the steps required to repair error 102 Mac:

1. Open the LaunchPad.
2. Click and hold icon of an application that you would like to delete.
3. Click (X) icon when the app jiggles.

4. A confirmation dialog appears. Click “Delete” button.

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