Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Using SnapChat for Android

Snap is a term used to describe the process of sending images/ videos to recipients. SnapChat comes with many interesting features to capture photos, record videos, add text and drawing. Share your photos and videos with a group of people. Specify how long one can view your photos; say 10/ 30 seconds. The snaps are automatically removed from the server and hidden from the device after specified time period.

User Interface

The user interface is very elegant with large circular button. The bottom portion consists of three buttons. The Camera button takes images. Alter images and add text before sharing them with others. Send videos to select recipients.

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure is very simple. Visit the Google Play Store and download SnapChat for Android.

Create an Account

After installing the app sign-up for an account.

1.      Tap Sign Up link.
2.      Enter required information for example email, password and birthday. Select unique name for your account because you cannot change it later. People will use this name to search you
3.      Submit the details.

Make New Friends

After successful sign-up make new friends online. After granting permission the app automatically shows list of users using the service. Use the (+) Plus sign to add new friends to your account.

Take Snaps

It is easy to take pictures on SnapChat. Focus and tap on circle to capture an area. Hold the Circle button if you wish to record the video It lets you save captured videos.

Set time limit for viewing captured photos. After the specified time limit expires, the image would not be be accessible. Just tap the middle portion of any image to add text on it.

Check SnapChat Messages

You can simply check SnapChats or videos that you’ve sent to your friends and colleagues. Here’s how:

1.      Open the app.
2.      Tap little cube icon on the lower left.
3.     You’ll see the pictures and videos that you sent others. Press and hold it to view.

Using SnapChat for All People

You can use SnapChat for everyone; not just your friends. To do so, click the Gear Icon on upper right corner. Change the setting from there.

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