Monday, August 5, 2013

Sync Mac--Learn the Synchronization Tips You Didn’t Know

Syncmate is a good platform to synchronize your iPhoto albums, videos and iTunes contents. It comes with add-on features such as data encryption, mounted device backup facility with the ability to synchronize Mac with Nokia S40 devices, Windows Mobile, Android and PCs. It also lets you manage your online accounts.

Syncmate is a handy all-in-one sync tool to sync content between smartphones, mobile devices and cloud storage services such as iCloud, Dropbox and Google. The app comes in two versions. The first one is free which is targeted for handling basic data needs including Calendars and Contacts. The second one is paid version which comes with premium features.

User Interface

Syncmate user interface is well organized to display crisp icons. You can access your remote devices through the upper pane. The left panel is filled with different types of plug-ins. Initially the app is not so easy to deal with but once you get to know more, its pretty easy.


Syncmate allows synchronizing Mac with numerous devices and cloud accounts. During application configurations the connections would appear at the top of the screen. You can either select custom devices that you wanted to sync or you can use AutoSync feature to completely automate the process. As default the AutoSync feature is activated.

Syncing folders between different devices is very simple. The only problem is that sometimes it fails to recognize the handset when you try to connect it with Galaxy Nexus. However it doesn’t mean the problem appears all the time. After connecting a new external drive such a External Hard Disk or USB, the device gets connected and you can immediately sync whatever you want. There is no or very less delay.


The app has some drawbacks. The biggest problem is its drop down menu which is full of unwanted options that confuse the user. Another problem is list of checked/ unchecked devices. You cannot use the app during synchronization process.

In Short..

If your needs are limited, you should opt for the free version. If you’re a power user and need all the program features, you should go with the paid version. It costs only $39. During the first few uses you may find it difficult to search program features. However after using the app for some period of time, you’ll surely get familiar with the user interface and features arrangements.

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