Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Manga Studio is All in One Manga and Comic Creation software

The new improved Manga Studio 5 EX is powered to produce high quality, professional comics with the help of special effects, filters and drawing tools. The software is designed by Smith Micro to produce cutting-edge and ready-to-publish mangas & comics.

It has intuitive user interface. Let’s use a Pen Tablet to draw anything with different colors. Produce stunning comics, make professional artwork and add dimensions to your drawing with the help of different expressions, moods and word balloons.

What’s New in Manga Studio 5 EX?

The new Manga Studio 5 EX is powered with variety of new tools and effects. It has now become a major competitor to industry leading Adobe Photoshop and Painter. New advancements make your manga and comic more creative and professional.

Redesigned User Interface

The new redesigned user interface allows customization. Set-up your personal workflow, easily locate power tools (such as pencils, erasers, pens, pattern brushes, rulers and selection tools) on the front face and concentrate on your work. Customize brush shape, paint expressions, canvas textures and other personal settings.

Coloring Tools

The coloring tools are amazing that make your comic ready to present in an art gallery. Manga Studio is a perfect solution with variety of new features.

3 Dimension View

An interesting thing is that Manga Studio 5 Ex supports 3D objects and figures. View the object and background material in 3D dimension anytime you want.

Drawing Tools

The software is flexible enough to import photos and images during comic creation. It comes with new features that make the things faster and smarter. New drawing tools bring flexibility in your artwork. It supports using original sketch to bring more productivity in the work. Use either mouse or Pen Tablet to draw elements.


Manga Studio has tons of built-in vector tools. Recover trouble areas with the help of centerline of vectors and other new features.

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes in Manga Studio work similar to any other vector tool. New dedicated air brush makes further brush effects. Tone Brush can be used to make wider visual effects. There are various other brushes through which you can add effects to your comic. The software allows creating and sharing brush pattern.


Manga Studio 5 EX is compatible with its earlier versions. You can import files created with earlier versions without any trouble.

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