Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Draw Manga

Drawing manga is very simple. There are two ways of drawing manga. Import an artwork into Manga Studio or draw a new digital manga sketch with the help of computer mouse. This article consists of several useful tips and tricks to get started with manga sketch.

Getting Started

Open Manga Studio software and click the File menu. Select New Page and then Page Template. You’ll observe that the program interface is very similar to Adobe Photoshop. The left panel contains a toolbar and the top menu contains File, Edit, Story, View, Selection, Layer, Ruler, Filter, Window and Help menus. Beginner’s assistant simplifies the manga creation process. It helps beginners to create a new project.. If you’re an advanced user, simply close it and get started with the actual workflow.

Screenshot of the main interface is given below:

2. Click File menu and select New Story. Adjust your page bleed according to your requirements. Double-page spread is usually recommended. Select a resolution for example 1200dpi.

3. Click Layer menu and select Ruler. Now you can see Ruler Layer or Panel Layer option. Select the second option, i.e. Panel Layer.

4. Select a layer that you would like to rasterize. Right-click on it and select Rasterize option. When you’re prompted to confirm, click Yes.. 

5. Turn Off pen correction. Always start sketching on premade sketch layer which is the default layer.

6. Now start sketching, Click on a new layer and select Vector Layer. Specify a name for your new layer. Click the Pen tool which is very similar to Calligraphy Pen. Turn it on in order to keep lines crisp.

7. You’ll found a tool highlighted with an image. Click it to adjust the lines. Move the stroke to the exact place that you want. 

8. In the same way practice on other tools and keep drawing new sketches. Try different tools one by one. Manga Studio produces a high quality manga with perfect crisp image that you can export in several file formats.

If you already have an image or a drawing, you can edit it or remove spots and effects. By the end you will end up with a professional manga story.

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