Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dropbox Sync Mac -- Sync Mac with Dropbox

Syncmate by Eltima software is an OS X App designed to sync contacts, calendars and notes with multiple platforms and different devices. It supports both Dropbox and Google accounts.

It can sync contacts, bookmarks, media files, photos and music between Mac and Dropbox account. In this article you would learn how to sync Mac and Dropbox.


·         Download and Install the app
·         Add Dropbox Account in Connections
·         Choose the Plug-in
·         Select syncing Direction
·         Sync the data

Download and Install the App

To sync Mac and Dropbox account, download and install the app on your system. Follow these steps to do so:

2)      Install it on your system.

Add Dropbox Account in Connections

There are numerous options available to synchronize data with online accounts. Establish a connection between Mac and Dropbox account.

1)      First of all click the Add Connection button located in the main screen. This will take you to the Device Connection Wizard.

2)      Click Dropbox Connection.

3)      Enter valid Dropbox Login and Password and click Continue. If you do not have an account, please create a new one.

4)      Now you can access your dropbox account in the Syncmate devices area.

Choose the Plug-ins

Plug-in is used to select individual stuff that you would like to synchronize. The free version has some limitations because of which only calendar and contacts plug-ins would appear. If you pay a small amount of fee, you can get more plug-ins in the premium version.

Select Syncing Direction

You have 3 options available to sync data between your Mac and Dropbox account:

1)      Mac to Dropbox
2)      Dropbox to Mac
3)      Bi-directional

Sync the Data

After selecting syncing direction, you need to just click on Sync data. The process would start.

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