Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Using SnapChat for Android

Snap is a term used to describe the process of sending images/ videos to recipients. SnapChat comes with many interesting features to capture photos, record videos, add text and drawing. Share your photos and videos with a group of people. Specify how long one can view your photos; say 10/ 30 seconds. The snaps are automatically removed from the server and hidden from the device after specified time period.

User Interface

The user interface is very elegant with large circular button. The bottom portion consists of three buttons. The Camera button takes images. Alter images and add text before sharing them with others. Send videos to select recipients.

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure is very simple. Visit the Google Play Store and download SnapChat for Android.

Create an Account

After installing the app sign-up for an account.

1.      Tap Sign Up link.
2.      Enter required information for example email, password and birthday. Select unique name for your account because you cannot change it later. People will use this name to search you
3.      Submit the details.

Make New Friends

After successful sign-up make new friends online. After granting permission the app automatically shows list of users using the service. Use the (+) Plus sign to add new friends to your account.

Take Snaps

It is easy to take pictures on SnapChat. Focus and tap on circle to capture an area. Hold the Circle button if you wish to record the video It lets you save captured videos.

Set time limit for viewing captured photos. After the specified time limit expires, the image would not be be accessible. Just tap the middle portion of any image to add text on it.

Check SnapChat Messages

You can simply check SnapChats or videos that you’ve sent to your friends and colleagues. Here’s how:

1.      Open the app.
2.      Tap little cube icon on the lower left.
3.     You’ll see the pictures and videos that you sent others. Press and hold it to view.

Using SnapChat for All People

You can use SnapChat for everyone; not just your friends. To do so, click the Gear Icon on upper right corner. Change the setting from there.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Draw Manga

Drawing manga is very simple. There are two ways of drawing manga. Import an artwork into Manga Studio or draw a new digital manga sketch with the help of computer mouse. This article consists of several useful tips and tricks to get started with manga sketch.

Getting Started

Open Manga Studio software and click the File menu. Select New Page and then Page Template. You’ll observe that the program interface is very similar to Adobe Photoshop. The left panel contains a toolbar and the top menu contains File, Edit, Story, View, Selection, Layer, Ruler, Filter, Window and Help menus. Beginner’s assistant simplifies the manga creation process. It helps beginners to create a new project.. If you’re an advanced user, simply close it and get started with the actual workflow.

Screenshot of the main interface is given below:

2. Click File menu and select New Story. Adjust your page bleed according to your requirements. Double-page spread is usually recommended. Select a resolution for example 1200dpi.

3. Click Layer menu and select Ruler. Now you can see Ruler Layer or Panel Layer option. Select the second option, i.e. Panel Layer.

4. Select a layer that you would like to rasterize. Right-click on it and select Rasterize option. When you’re prompted to confirm, click Yes.. 

5. Turn Off pen correction. Always start sketching on premade sketch layer which is the default layer.

6. Now start sketching, Click on a new layer and select Vector Layer. Specify a name for your new layer. Click the Pen tool which is very similar to Calligraphy Pen. Turn it on in order to keep lines crisp.

7. You’ll found a tool highlighted with an image. Click it to adjust the lines. Move the stroke to the exact place that you want. 

8. In the same way practice on other tools and keep drawing new sketches. Try different tools one by one. Manga Studio produces a high quality manga with perfect crisp image that you can export in several file formats.

If you already have an image or a drawing, you can edit it or remove spots and effects. By the end you will end up with a professional manga story.

Review: Manga Studio is All in One Manga and Comic Creation software

The new improved Manga Studio 5 EX is powered to produce high quality, professional comics with the help of special effects, filters and drawing tools. The software is designed by Smith Micro to produce cutting-edge and ready-to-publish mangas & comics.

It has intuitive user interface. Let’s use a Pen Tablet to draw anything with different colors. Produce stunning comics, make professional artwork and add dimensions to your drawing with the help of different expressions, moods and word balloons.

What’s New in Manga Studio 5 EX?

The new Manga Studio 5 EX is powered with variety of new tools and effects. It has now become a major competitor to industry leading Adobe Photoshop and Painter. New advancements make your manga and comic more creative and professional.

Redesigned User Interface

The new redesigned user interface allows customization. Set-up your personal workflow, easily locate power tools (such as pencils, erasers, pens, pattern brushes, rulers and selection tools) on the front face and concentrate on your work. Customize brush shape, paint expressions, canvas textures and other personal settings.

Coloring Tools

The coloring tools are amazing that make your comic ready to present in an art gallery. Manga Studio is a perfect solution with variety of new features.

3 Dimension View

An interesting thing is that Manga Studio 5 Ex supports 3D objects and figures. View the object and background material in 3D dimension anytime you want.

Drawing Tools

The software is flexible enough to import photos and images during comic creation. It comes with new features that make the things faster and smarter. New drawing tools bring flexibility in your artwork. It supports using original sketch to bring more productivity in the work. Use either mouse or Pen Tablet to draw elements.


Manga Studio has tons of built-in vector tools. Recover trouble areas with the help of centerline of vectors and other new features.

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes in Manga Studio work similar to any other vector tool. New dedicated air brush makes further brush effects. Tone Brush can be used to make wider visual effects. There are various other brushes through which you can add effects to your comic. The software allows creating and sharing brush pattern.


Manga Studio 5 EX is compatible with its earlier versions. You can import files created with earlier versions without any trouble.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dropbox Sync Mac -- Sync Mac with Dropbox

Syncmate by Eltima software is an OS X App designed to sync contacts, calendars and notes with multiple platforms and different devices. It supports both Dropbox and Google accounts.

It can sync contacts, bookmarks, media files, photos and music between Mac and Dropbox account. In this article you would learn how to sync Mac and Dropbox.


·         Download and Install the app
·         Add Dropbox Account in Connections
·         Choose the Plug-in
·         Select syncing Direction
·         Sync the data

Download and Install the App

To sync Mac and Dropbox account, download and install the app on your system. Follow these steps to do so:

2)      Install it on your system.

Add Dropbox Account in Connections

There are numerous options available to synchronize data with online accounts. Establish a connection between Mac and Dropbox account.

1)      First of all click the Add Connection button located in the main screen. This will take you to the Device Connection Wizard.

2)      Click Dropbox Connection.

3)      Enter valid Dropbox Login and Password and click Continue. If you do not have an account, please create a new one.

4)      Now you can access your dropbox account in the Syncmate devices area.

Choose the Plug-ins

Plug-in is used to select individual stuff that you would like to synchronize. The free version has some limitations because of which only calendar and contacts plug-ins would appear. If you pay a small amount of fee, you can get more plug-ins in the premium version.

Select Syncing Direction

You have 3 options available to sync data between your Mac and Dropbox account:

1)      Mac to Dropbox
2)      Dropbox to Mac
3)      Bi-directional

Sync the Data

After selecting syncing direction, you need to just click on Sync data. The process would start.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sync Mac--Learn the Synchronization Tips You Didn’t Know

Syncmate is a good platform to synchronize your iPhoto albums, videos and iTunes contents. It comes with add-on features such as data encryption, mounted device backup facility with the ability to synchronize Mac with Nokia S40 devices, Windows Mobile, Android and PCs. It also lets you manage your online accounts.

Syncmate is a handy all-in-one sync tool to sync content between smartphones, mobile devices and cloud storage services such as iCloud, Dropbox and Google. The app comes in two versions. The first one is free which is targeted for handling basic data needs including Calendars and Contacts. The second one is paid version which comes with premium features.

User Interface

Syncmate user interface is well organized to display crisp icons. You can access your remote devices through the upper pane. The left panel is filled with different types of plug-ins. Initially the app is not so easy to deal with but once you get to know more, its pretty easy.


Syncmate allows synchronizing Mac with numerous devices and cloud accounts. During application configurations the connections would appear at the top of the screen. You can either select custom devices that you wanted to sync or you can use AutoSync feature to completely automate the process. As default the AutoSync feature is activated.

Syncing folders between different devices is very simple. The only problem is that sometimes it fails to recognize the handset when you try to connect it with Galaxy Nexus. However it doesn’t mean the problem appears all the time. After connecting a new external drive such a External Hard Disk or USB, the device gets connected and you can immediately sync whatever you want. There is no or very less delay.


The app has some drawbacks. The biggest problem is its drop down menu which is full of unwanted options that confuse the user. Another problem is list of checked/ unchecked devices. You cannot use the app during synchronization process.

In Short..

If your needs are limited, you should opt for the free version. If you’re a power user and need all the program features, you should go with the paid version. It costs only $39. During the first few uses you may find it difficult to search program features. However after using the app for some period of time, you’ll surely get familiar with the user interface and features arrangements.