Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wii Error 51330

Wii Error Code 51330
Wii error 51330 prevents your computer from connecting to the Internet. This article is a complete workaround to resolve the problem at your own.


·         Change IP address
·         Temporarily disable Windows Firewall Protection
·         Unplug and Replug Router
·         Optimize Internet

Change IP Address

Use the default IP address to log-in to the Internet. In many cases, using default IP address resolves the error message. Follow the instructions given below to setup default IP address:

1.      Close all other programs and open WII system settings.

2.      Select Internet Option from Page 2.

3.      Now go to Connection Settings and select the connection with red border.

4.      Click Change Settings | Auto Obtain IP Address.

5.      To disable the feature click on No and then go to Advanced Settings.

6.      Contact your Service Provider to get the default IP address.

7.      Enter your default IP address and then click OK.

8.      Click OK after entering Subnet Mask.

9.      Enter your default Gateway Address and select Default Router.

10.    Click on Confirm.

11.    Now open Auto Obtain DNS page.

12.     Select NO and go to Advanced Settings.
13.     Enter Primary and Secondary DNS.

14.     Confirm by clicking Save.

Temporarily Disable Windows Firewall Protection

Windows Firewall protection can cause WII error 51330. Disable it and check whether the error still persists or not.

1.      Click Start, type “Firewall” in Search box without quotes.

2.      Right-click on Windows Firewall and select “Run as Administrator”.

3.      Enter confirmation password, if prompted.

4.      In the left pane, click on Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.

5.      Select “Turn Off firewall (not recommended)”.

Unplug and Re-plug your Router

Unplug and re-plug your router to avoid power cycle issues.

Optimize Internet

Internet optimization is essential to get peak Internet speed during game-play. Use some system utility software to optimize your Internet speed. Follow the steps given below:

1.      Download and Install RegInOut System Utilities.

2.      Click the Optimize button under Internet Optimizer feature.

3.      Choose your Connection Type.

4.      Click Optimize Internet button.

5.      Close REGINOUT and restart your system.

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