Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fix Mac Error Code 10 in 2 Steps

Error Code 10 appears while copying files to an external drive. The file copy process terminates with an error message. You may experience this problem due to cross-platform compatibility and FAT file system which actually doesn’t support transfer of large files.

The file size limit for FAT32 file system is maximum 4 GB. You can’t transfer files larger than this limit. The steps given in this article will help you fix the problem.


·         Compress Files and Change File System of External Drives
·         Modify Permissions of Files and Folders

Step 1: Compress Files or Format Drive with HFS+ File System

Compress the files you’re trying to copy. Reduce file size with a file compressor program. By reducing the file size below 4 GB you can copy file without any problem..

If you can’t compress the files, change the file system of the drive. Do not use FAT22. Format the drive with HFS+ which is the native file system in MacOS. The steps to format drive with HFS+ file system are given below:

1.    Backup your important data to a different drive/ partition. We’re going through the format procedure which will erase all data from the drive.
2.    Open Disk Utility.
3.    From the Disk Utility program select your external drive and click the Erase tab.
4.    Now select “Mac OS Extended” from the drop down box.
5.    Click the Erase button.

Step 2: Modify Permissions of Files and Folders

The file you’re trying to copy may be read/ write protected. You may not have required permissions to access the file. Change the file read/ write permissions and enable reading, writing and modifying the file.

1.    Open your Network Controller program for example Workgroup Manager.
2.    Click on the Sharing tab.
3.    Click on Share Points.
4.    Select wordshark-shared and click on the Access tab.
5.    Change Read Only status to Read and Write.
6.    Now go to Users and Groups.
7.    Click on Groups and drag group items to Access Control List Panel.
8.    Set required Read and Write permissions.
9.    Save the changes.
10.  Click on the Gear Button to select Propagate Permissions.
11.  Make sure that “Access Control List” checkbox is checked-up.
12.  Click OK.

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