Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Error 42110 iTunes in PC!

This is a completely meaningless error. It appears after the computer to computer library transfer process completes. The requested process interrupts with the following error message-

An unknown error occurred error (-42110).

There are critical system settings that you might have to update. It is equally important to deal with the Registry data.

1. Remove SC Info Folder
2. Change Date-Time Settings
3. Check Account Authorization
4. Repair Registry

Error -42110 iTunes
Remove SC Info Folder
The SC Info folder is located in the Program Data folder. It is a component of the iTunes software installation. It has important information stored regarding the iTunes software. Corrupt information causes error 42110 iTunes.

1. Click the Start button.
2. Point to All Programs | Accessories | Run.
3. Type following path:
C:\ProgramData\Apple Computer\iTunes
4. Delete the “SC INFO” folder.

Change Date-Time Settings
You might need to change the date and time settings. The date-time is expected to update on an automatic basis. If it doesn’t update, you receive error 42110 iTunes.

1. Click Apple | System Preferences | Date and Time.
2. Check-up following box:
Set date and time automatically
3. Click Time Zone and then select correct time zone.
4. Click OK.
Check Account Authorization
Problem with account authorization causes error 42110 iTunes. Authorize your account through the iTunes Store to get rid of the error message. The steps are given below:

1. Open iTunes program.
2. Click the Store menu.
3. Select “Check for available downloads” option.
4. Click the Store icon.
5. Click Authorize button.
6. Enter valid username and password and re-authorize your account.

Repair Registry
Registry corruption is an important cause. Corrupt Registry entries cause iTunes runtime errors because of data retrieval failure. Scan and repair the Registry to fix your problem.

1. Download PCFresher System Utilities.
2. Install and run the program.
3. Under Registry Repair section click the Start button.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fix Mac Error Code 10 in 2 Steps

Error Code 10 appears while copying files to an external drive. The file copy process terminates with an error message. You may experience this problem due to cross-platform compatibility and FAT file system which actually doesn’t support transfer of large files.

The file size limit for FAT32 file system is maximum 4 GB. You can’t transfer files larger than this limit. The steps given in this article will help you fix the problem.


·         Compress Files and Change File System of External Drives
·         Modify Permissions of Files and Folders

Step 1: Compress Files or Format Drive with HFS+ File System

Compress the files you’re trying to copy. Reduce file size with a file compressor program. By reducing the file size below 4 GB you can copy file without any problem..

If you can’t compress the files, change the file system of the drive. Do not use FAT22. Format the drive with HFS+ which is the native file system in MacOS. The steps to format drive with HFS+ file system are given below:

1.    Backup your important data to a different drive/ partition. We’re going through the format procedure which will erase all data from the drive.
2.    Open Disk Utility.
3.    From the Disk Utility program select your external drive and click the Erase tab.
4.    Now select “Mac OS Extended” from the drop down box.
5.    Click the Erase button.

Step 2: Modify Permissions of Files and Folders

The file you’re trying to copy may be read/ write protected. You may not have required permissions to access the file. Change the file read/ write permissions and enable reading, writing and modifying the file.

1.    Open your Network Controller program for example Workgroup Manager.
2.    Click on the Sharing tab.
3.    Click on Share Points.
4.    Select wordshark-shared and click on the Access tab.
5.    Change Read Only status to Read and Write.
6.    Now go to Users and Groups.
7.    Click on Groups and drag group items to Access Control List Panel.
8.    Set required Read and Write permissions.
9.    Save the changes.
10.  Click on the Gear Button to select Propagate Permissions.
11.  Make sure that “Access Control List” checkbox is checked-up.
12.  Click OK.

Review of PC Keeper by Kromtech Inc.

Do you remember MacKeeper? It’s an amazing product designed to keep Mac performance at its peak, protect privacy and provide complete security.

PC Keeper is a versatile software with many similar features. It is an all-in-one solution for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. It provides complete security, speed and stability to Windows computer. In the single software you get many special tools such as disk defragmenter, duplicate files finder, disk explorer, registry cleaner, disk checker, programs uninstaller, disk cleaner, files recovery, files shredder, data hider and antivirus.

PC Clean-Up Utilities

1. Duplicate Files Finder
Many third party programs make duplicate files (for example, software configuration backups, cache of original files) which occupy a large portion of your disk space. Duplicate Files Finder finds and removes duplicate files from your hard disk.

2. Programs Uninstaller
Programs Uninstaller is known to safely and securely uninstall the programs you don’t actually use. It gives a complete list of programs installed on the machine. You can select a specific program and remove it permanently. It launches program uninstaller to all traces including program files and registry entries.

3. Disk Cleaner
Disk Cleaner shows a list of temporary items such as system and web browser cache, temp folders, setup extracted contents, temporary application data and so on. It removes junk files and all other temporary contents.

System Performance and Diagnostic

1. Disk Defragmenter
Fragmentation is a common problem. Hard disk becomes fragmented when we copy new files, move existing files to a new location, install/ remove programs. Fragmentation causes operating system and programs to run slower. They tend to respond very late, run slowly and lag a lot. All these problems are usually attached with the fragmentation issue. Disk Defragmenter reorganizes the structure of your hard disk. It reorganizes the files in a continuous manner so that you get most of your system performance.

2. Disk Checker
Disk Checker scans and repairs bad sectors of the hard disk. Bad sectors are those sections of your hard disk which fail to retrieve data. Whenever your operating system/ applications try to retrieve data from bad sectors, they tend to crash. That is why many people experience system crashes so often. Disk Checker attempts to repair bad sectors of your hard disk.

3. Disk Explorer
Disk Explorer analyses the total hard disk space used. It gives a detailed report of how much space is occupied by files, how much space is free and which files are wasting large amount of disk space.

4. Registry Cleaner
Registry Cleaner scans and deletes registry entries containing invalid references, wrong information about system DLLs and junk information. It prevents critical system problems such as Blue Screen of Death, Windows Explorer crashes, start-up issues and so on.

Data Recovery, Privacy & System Protection

1. Files Recovery
Don’t be afraid if you accidentally delete your important files. Files Recovery is a great tool to recover lost files, documents and image. It can recover the files which were accidentally deleted. A file should be in a good state in order to recover. Files deleted through the Recycle Bin can be easily recovered. Files deleted with file shredder program may be difficult to recover.

2. Files Shredder
Generally when we delete files from Recycle Bin they can be still recoverable. Files Recovery tool can undelete the files and get access to our important information. Files Shredder is well popular to delete files permanently without any traces or records. The file is overwritten a few times with certain information depending upon the shredder type you have selected.

3. Data Hider
You may have many sensitive files & documents in your laptop or desktop computer. Your privacy is at risk when other persons log-in to your computer. A laptop can be easily stolen by people with malicious intentions. Hence anyone can easily get access to your private documents, business tenders and other sensitive information. Data Hider comes with excellent features that protect you against all these dangers. You can password protect your files, folders and hide them. In this way, others wouldn't have access to your personal information.

3. Antivirus Protection
You don’t need to buy a third party antivirus as PC Keeper comes with a built-in antivirus protection. It is as powerful as any other antivirus. It keeps an updated database which helps detecting potential security threats. It protects your computer while surfing online, downloading files and transferring files from USB flash drives.
In short, PC Keeper is an all-in-one system maintenance and privacy care suite. You can save hundreds of dollars instead of buying individual programs designed to perform limited operations.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Firefox Ultimate Security Tips

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most stable web browsers in the industry. Firefox offers different security levels depending on how you customize your browser. For better security and protection you need to enable more features.

This article is all about achieving ultimate security and privacy through browser customization. It introduces some important security features prevailing in the browser.

Set a Master Password

Just like any other browser Firefox lets you log-in websites through saved passwords. It basically stores a list of all passwords saved by the user.

Previously anyone who had access to your system could view saved passwords or log-in to your accounts. This was a great security risk. People who had physical or remote access to your machine could easily retrieve passwords.

Firefox comes with a solution. It introduced Master Password feature to keep the saved passwords confidential. You have to specify a Master Password so that no one would able to retrieve your passwords without your permission. A person can only see saved passwords or log-in to your websites if he has the Master Password. An interesting thing is that it also encrypts stored passwords for better security. The latest technology is used in order to improve your Internet experience.

In short, in order to view a saved password, you need to enter the Master Password. Here are the steps by which you can specify a Master Password:

1.      Open Firefox and click on the Firefox button. (Left hand side of the screen)
2.      Click Options | Security tab.
3.      Check-up the “Use a master password” checkbox. Specify a new master password.

Set Strong Password for Synchronization

Mozilla Firefox offers syncing features through which you can sync passwords, bookmarks and other data. In fact Firefox offers better level of security than Google Chrome. It lets you to set-up a new device to sync. Password protect the sync feature and keep backup of the recovery information (such as Recovery Key).

After setting a strong password you don’t have to worry about anything. To make a strong password, use upper/ lower cases and special characters in it. Follow the instructions given below:

1.      Open Mozilla Firefox. Click the Firefox button on the left side.
2.      Select Options.
3.      Click the Sync Tab.
4.     Click “Set-up Firefox Sync” link.
5.     Follow the instructions on your screen.

Enable Security Options

Firefox comes with basic security and privacy settings. You might need to customize them in the following way:

1.      Open Firefox and click on the Firefox button.
2.      Click on Options.
3.      Click Security tab in the Options dialog.
4.     Check-up the following boxes:
Warn me when sites try to install add-ons
Block reported attack sites
Block reported web forgeries
5.    Click the Advanced | Update tabs, check-up the box named “Automatically install updates”.
6.    Click OK and restart the browser.

Use Add-Ons for Extra Security Protection

Go an extra mile using interesting browser add-ons. There are many add-ons available which improve browser security and user privacy. Examples are NoScript, Adblock Plus, WOT (Web of Trust), HTTPS Finder and Xpnd it. Short URL expander is an important add-on for maintaining the security level.

Update Plug-ins

It is important to update your plug-ins regularly. Hackers usually take advantage of vulnerabilities in the plug-ins. Common plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player, Java are often targeted.

The best thing you can do is update all the plug-ins on a regular basis. Plug-in manufacturers publish new updates to improve security, fix bugs and vulnerabilities.Periodically check plug-in websites for new updates and patches. Mozilla itself offers Plug-in Checker to update the plug-ins whenever required.

Do Not Track Technology

Firefox is moving ahead with the “Do not track technology”. This technology blocks the most common forms of Internet tracking.

Ad selling groups spark hot debates and shed light on the importance of tracking. These advertising groups made intense resistance because they are delivering targeted ads by tracking web behavior of the users. The development team is working on tools to limit access of the cookies.


Firefox is a well stable and safe web browser. You can improve its security by enabling the right settings. Password management is also essential. Specify a strong password by inserting combination of upper/lower case letters and special characters. Additionally, keep plug-ins and browser updated.

“Do not track technology” feature limits access of ad-serving and other potential groups tracking the behavior of users. It further provides an additional layer of security.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wii Error 51330

Wii Error Code 51330
Wii error 51330 prevents your computer from connecting to the Internet. This article is a complete workaround to resolve the problem at your own.


·         Change IP address
·         Temporarily disable Windows Firewall Protection
·         Unplug and Replug Router
·         Optimize Internet

Change IP Address

Use the default IP address to log-in to the Internet. In many cases, using default IP address resolves the error message. Follow the instructions given below to setup default IP address:

1.      Close all other programs and open WII system settings.

2.      Select Internet Option from Page 2.

3.      Now go to Connection Settings and select the connection with red border.

4.      Click Change Settings | Auto Obtain IP Address.

5.      To disable the feature click on No and then go to Advanced Settings.

6.      Contact your Service Provider to get the default IP address.

7.      Enter your default IP address and then click OK.

8.      Click OK after entering Subnet Mask.

9.      Enter your default Gateway Address and select Default Router.

10.    Click on Confirm.

11.    Now open Auto Obtain DNS page.

12.     Select NO and go to Advanced Settings.
13.     Enter Primary and Secondary DNS.

14.     Confirm by clicking Save.

Temporarily Disable Windows Firewall Protection

Windows Firewall protection can cause WII error 51330. Disable it and check whether the error still persists or not.

1.      Click Start, type “Firewall” in Search box without quotes.

2.      Right-click on Windows Firewall and select “Run as Administrator”.

3.      Enter confirmation password, if prompted.

4.      In the left pane, click on Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.

5.      Select “Turn Off firewall (not recommended)”.

Unplug and Re-plug your Router

Unplug and re-plug your router to avoid power cycle issues.

Optimize Internet

Internet optimization is essential to get peak Internet speed during game-play. Use some system utility software to optimize your Internet speed. Follow the steps given below:

1.      Download and Install RegInOut System Utilities.

2.      Click the Optimize button under Internet Optimizer feature.

3.      Choose your Connection Type.

4.      Click Optimize Internet button.

5.      Close REGINOUT and restart your system.