Monday, June 24, 2013 and tnt2user.exe Adware Troubleshooting

This is a browser hijacker known to be installed from unauthorized downloads from the Internet. It does various things before the user realizes. It changes your home page, default search engine and causes a serious risk to your data and personal privacy. This article would be helpful to deal with this virus.

1. Run System in Safe Mode
2. Delete Malicious Files
3. Set Blank Home Page
4. Disable & Uninstall Malicious Extension
5. Uninstall Toolbar
6. Change Default Search Engine
7. Delete Malicious Registry Entries and Clean Privacy


Run System in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is an option provided to clean boot Windows. With this option all third party items in the Startups and Services tabs are disabled.

As in your case, a malicious item has been placed in Startup/ Services list which is the real concern. Run your computer in the Safe Mode to stop executing such an item.

1. Restart your machine.
2. Press F8 key repeatedly.
3. Select “Safe Mode with Networking” option.
4. Press ENTER.

Delete Malicious Files

The virus has stored malicious content on your hard disk. It includes files copied to the Windows installation drive. and tnt2user.exxe Adware troubleshooting step is to delete the malicious files.

1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Open following directory:
C:\Users\[Your User Name Here]\AppData\TNT2\
3. Delete the file called “TNT2User.exe”
4. Go back to the root AppData folder.
5. Delete the “TNT2” folder and all its sub-folders, files stored in it.
6. Delete “Viewpoint” and “Tencent” folders as well.

Set Blank Home Page

Your Home Page has been changed to a malicious website. It needs to be reverted to the default option, i.e. a blank tab.

For Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Press Alt key to show the menu-bar.
3. Click on Tools, select Internet Options.
4. Internet Options dialog opens.
5. Delete the address in the Home Page textbox.
6. Click “Use Blank” button.
7. Click OK.

For Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Click Wrench | Settings.
3. Under “Settings” page and “On Startup” category, click “Set Pages” link.
4. Clear the list of Startup Pages.
5. Click OK.

Disable & Uninstall Malicious Extension

A malicious extension was added to your web browser. and tnt2user.exxe Adware troubleshooting includes disabling and then uninstalling malicious extension.

For Internet Explorer:
1. Press Alt key, select Tools | Manage Add-Ons.
2. Disable and uninstall an extension called as “”

For Google Chrome:
1. Click Wrench | Tools | Extensions.
2. Disable and uninstall “” extension.
3. Make a new tab, type “about:plugins” (without quotes) and press ENTER.
4. If you find the same extension in the list of installed plug-ins, disable and uninstall it.

Uninstall Toolbar

A toolbar was added to your web browser. Uninstall it through the Control Panel.

1. Click Start | Control Panel.
2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
3. Select “ Toolbar” and click the Uninstall button.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Change Default Search Engine

Your default search engine should now be reverted back to Google. Here are the steps for you:

For Internet Explorer:
1. Press Alt key, select Tools | Internet Options.
2. Under General tab and Search category, click on Settings button.
3. Delete “” search engine from the list, and set Google as your default search engine.
4. Click OK.

For Google Chrome:
1. Click on Wrench | Settings.
2. Under Settings page and Search category, select “Google” from the drop down box provided.
3. Click on “Manage Search Engines” and delete “” from the list.
4. Click Done button.

Delete Malicious Registry Entries and Clean Privacy

There are malicious registry entries which you need to remove immediately. These registry entries are the greatest risk for your computer as they contain malicious information needed to re-download or re-infect your system.

1. Download Reginout System Utilities.
2. Install and open the application that you have just downloaded.
3. Under Registry Repair feature, click the Start button.
4. The registry scan starts. After it is completed, click the Fix Errors button.
5. Now under Privacy Cleaner feature, click Start button. This will empty browser cache, temporary internet files and other objects.
6. and tnt2user.exxe Adware troubleshooting requires rebooting your computer.

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  1. An easier way is to simply kill the application process and then uninstall the program. That should take care of everything.


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