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The error indicates the Page Frame Number (PFN) List is corrupted. This is a Blue Screen of Death error which appears on Windows 8 Operating System.

1. Download and Install Updates

2. Verify System Files

3. Check RAM in Other Slots

4. Scan Registry

5. Scan System for Viruses

6. Uninstall Recently Installed Software

Download and Install Updates

Updates are essential. Updates fix problems with your operating system files. They are sometime provided as bug-fixes as well.
Download and install required updates to fix BSOD Windows 8. Use the Windows Update utility as shown below:

1. Open the Start Screen.
2. Right click anywhere on your Start Screen, select All Apps.
3. Scroll to the right side and select Windows System category.
4. Click Control Panel.
5. Click System and Security | Windows Update.
6. Click “Check for Updates” link.

Also make sure that the Windows Installer service is turned on. Make changes in the system settings so that the utility will automatically scan, download and install new updates available online.

Verify System Files

Verify the operating system files for corruption. Some of the system files might be corrupted. Corrupt files are inaccessible to programs/ services. Use System File Checker to fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.

1. Open the Start Screen.
2. Type “Command Prompt” in the Search Box. (Right side of the screen)
3. Click Apps icon.
4. Open it from the Search Results.
5. Type following command-

Check RAM in Other Slots

Switch off the computer, disconnect the power supply and unplug your RAM. Plug it in to other slots of your motherboard. BSOD Windows 8 will not appear again.

Scan Registry

Registry needs to be scanned for possible errors and incorrect entries. Scan all the Registry hives to detect and resolve the errors. Use a reliable Windows 8 Registry Cleaner software.

1. Download Windows 8 Registry Cleaner such as Reginout.
2. Install and run the application.
3. Start full scan and fix all errors detected.  


Scan System for Viruses

Your system could be infected. Virus infection replaces system files with malicious objects. Update virus database, do a full scan and remove virus-infected files to fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error.

Uninstall Recently Installed Software

If you have recently installed new programs please uninstall them all. These new programs might have installed unsupported/ malfunctioning DLL files. Complications in the DLL and Windows Operating System versions cause your computer to show STOP Screen.

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
3. Uninstall any recently installed programs by following the setup wizard.
4. Reboot your machine when you are finished. BSOD Windows 8 will be fixed.

Above tips have helped many users fix this error. If you want a repair tool, use the Intel Software Partner Reginout here to > FIX PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error in Windows 8.

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