Tuesday, May 7, 2013

iPhone Apps Crashing

iPhone users experience stability problems. One of the pretty frustrating problem they experience is iPhone apps crashing menace. Your iPhone may not work correctly all the time. Follow the steps given below to deal with this problem:

1. Restart iPhone

2. Remove and Reinstall Faulty App

3. Restore your Device

4. Update your Firmware

5. Update App

Restart iPhone

Sometime iPhone apps crashing problem is temporary in nature. Restart your iPhone to get rid of this problem.

Soft Restart

Soft Reboot is called as Regular Restart. Perform it as shown below:

1. Hold down the Lock button. (Located at the top of the device)

2. Slide to Power Off prompt appears with red arrow. Follow it.

3. Now hold down Lock button.

4. Apple logo appears.

Hard Restart

If the regular reboot doesn’t help, do hard reboot:

1. Hold down the Lock and Home buttons simultaneously.

2. Ignore the Slide to Power Off prompt. Do keep holding these buttons.

4. Apple logo appears.

Remove and Reinstall Faulty App

The app which is not functioning properly should be reinstalled. iPhone apps crashing occurs due to app installation problems. Remove and reinstall faulty app to fix this problem.

1. Tap the App icon and hold it for some time.

2. Tap the “X” icon to delete a particular app.

3. Rate it, tap the Home button.

Restore your Device

Device restore is a process of removing faulty app and reinstall the entire OS. When you finish this task, please do re-sync your stuff.

1. Plug your device to a computer.

2. Open iTunes.

3. Right click on your device, select Backup.

4. Right click it again, select Restore from Backup. Select latest backup.

5. The backup restore process would take an hour or two. It takes a longer time to complete, so get ready to watch a movie or do something else meanwhile.

Update your Firmware

Regular firmware update is necessary. Latest firmware will fix iPhone apps crashing. It will improve stability of the apps you use.

1. Connect to a Wi-Fi Network.

2. Tap Settings in your Home screen.

3. Scroll down and Tap on General.

4. Tap Software Update | Download and Install | OK | Agree | Install.

5. Restart your iPhone after the firmware update is installed.

Update App

If none of these steps help fixing iPhone apps crashes do update the app. Latest updates and patches contain bug fixes and performance improvements.

1. Open iTunes Store.2. Right click your app, select Update.

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