Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hulu Plus for Windows 8

Hulu service was initially introduced back in the year 2007. It was aimed to improve online video consumption experience. Hulu plus provides broad array of TV programs and films. The service charges are quite reasonable- as less as $10/ month. This is the only service charging such a low price; while there are many competitors charging high prices.

The quality of videos is much better than other services along with accessibility to number of devices. You’re free to use IE, Chrome, FF, Adobe Flash Player and Safari for improving your online experience. The service provides popular TV shows with an ability to choose from latest TV episodes. This is very similar to what you watch on PCs. You can enjoy watching Hulu Pus on Kindle Fire, Gaming Console, Roku, Smart TV, Smartphone and Windows 8.

Hulu Plus is combined with Hulu Desktop and Hulu Social. Hulu Desktop works with computer remotes. Use a supported app for watching movies on it. You can also watch movies on Facebook. The only problem is commercial advertisements but if you subscribe for a paid version, advertisements will be limited.

Recently they have launched Hulu Plus mobile app which is available on Windows Phone Store. This app enables you to watch TV clips and favorite movies on Windows 8 Phone. The app offers Glee, Vampire Diaries, Family Guy, Community and other popular shows. It also includes SpongeBob, iCarly, Caillou and other Ad-free kid shows. You can opt for limited add version under $ 10 a month.

Hulu Plus for Windows 8 Phone has some of the best available features such as feeds from different clips, ability to resume program, instant access to multiple videos and search functionality. It also provides you live tile updates on some of the best shows.

In Windows Store you can get this app for free but you need to subscribe for service to access the content.

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