Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fix Blackberry Freezing

Blackberry is a strong alternative to laptop and notebook. This is the reason why it has captured a huge segment of Smartphone market. Blackberry freezing issues are common. It is vulnerable for users when they found themselves incapable of performing tasks on their device.

This article contains a set of solutions that will resolve this problem amicably. Follow all the steps given in this article.


1.  Reset your Blackberry device
2.  Delete junk applications
3.  Update firmware
4.  Perform security wipe

Reset your Blackberry Device

Reset your Blackberry device to fix freezing problem. There are two types of reset, viz. Hard and Soft Reset. Try any of them as shown below:

Hard Reset:

·         Take your Smartphone in your hand.
·         Pull the battery cover and remove the battery.
·         Replace the battery after few seconds.
·         Now replace the battery cover.

Soft Reset:

·         Take your Blackberry device in your hand.
·         Press and hold the Alt and Right Shift keys simultaneously.
·         Now press Backspace and Delete keys while holding Alt and Right Shift keys.
·         A blank screen will appear on your Smartphone LCD. It indicates that your device is preparing to be restarted.
·         Release all the keys you are holding.

Delete Junk Applications

We generally install too many junk applications in our Blackberry device. It wastes device memory and thus the freezing issue occurs. To resolve the issue you need to delete unnecessary applications. Follow the direct method given below:

·         Open your Blackberry device.
·         Tap to Options | Advanced Options | Applications.
·         A list of all installed applications will be gathered.
·         Check mark the applications that you would like to uninstall.
·         Select Delete | Yes to confirm deletion.
·         Repeat this process for all other applications.

Update Firmware

Outdated firmware also cause Blackberry freezing problem. If you haven’t updated your firmware so far, please do it now. Follow the steps given below to proceed with the update task:

·         Visit the firmware download official link. Select your carrier, model and download the appropriate firmware.
·         Install and run the downloaded firmware.
·         Mark the option Desktop Manager when it finalizes installation.
·         Open My Computer and then go to following path:.
    C:/Program Files/Common Files/ Research in Motion/AppLoader
·         Find Vendor.xml file and delete it.
·         Now connect your BB Smartphone to your PC through a USB Cable.
·         Open Desktop Manager software.
·         The device would divert you to the update task. If it wouldn’t, click Update from Desktop Manager software. You will be prompted to Update BlackBerry Device Software.
·         Select View Other Versions and choose the version you have earlier installed.
·         Follow the on-screen  wizard.

Perform Security Wipe

You also need to perform security wipe if none of the above solutions have worked for you. It will clear all your phone data and make your phone as it is a brand new. Follow the steps given below to perform security wipe:

·         Open your Blackberry Smartphone.
·         Choose Options from the home screen.
·         Tap to Security Settings and then Security Wipe.
·         Check-up the checkboxes to identify the items to wipe out.
·         You will see a field. Enter “blackberry” into the field and select Wipe.
·         Your phone will reboot for few times and then the Wipe process will start.
·         Be patient until Wipe process completes.
·         You are done! Your phone will not contain any data after Wipe process completes.

Note: Do take backup of the data that you require in future before performing security wipe.

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