Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Android App for Switching to Windows Phone

Smartphone applications have revolutionized the phone experience. People have a wider variety of smartphones to choose from, according to their liking and personal skills. The smartphone industry is growing with the entrance of new app developing companies.

Microsoft has also entered the smartphone industry. The company is developing apps to introduce new variety of features in the market. Recently it has launched Switch to Windows Phone application for Android users. With this application users can switch to Windows Phone without much trouble. The purpose of this app is not to capture Android market share but to provide convenience for Android users to switch to Windows Phone.

The app retrieves a list of all the installed apps on your smartphone and then uses the cloud technology to save this list to your Microsoft ID. It then searches for similar apps that you may use through Windows Phone Store. You will then be shown a list of all Windows Phone apps which are very similar to the Android apps you have currently installed. The process is quick; it doesn’t take much time.

Quick Steps:

·         Visit the Android Store to download & install Switch to Windows Phone app.
·         Open downloaded app and run app to scan for a matching application on Windows Phone
·         Start scanning for matching apps for Windows Phone. A list of all installed Android apps will be retrieved and saved on your Microsoft ID.

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