Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fix Steaming Issues on iPad

iPad streaming issues are uncommon affecting only some portion of users. Small number of users experience problem connecting to the Wi-Fi Internet, while few users report reception problems. This article addresses possible solutions to streaming issues on iPad.

Possible Solutions:

·         Update Router Firmware
·         Use WPA and WPA2 Wireless Security
·         Adjust Screen Brightness and Renew IP
·         Reset Network Settings
·         Maximize Battery Life
·         Quit Apps and Force Reboot Device

Update Router Firmware

If you are having Wi-Fi connectivity issues with certain Wi-Fi networks, follow the procedure given below:

1)      Update Wi-Fi Router Firmware to the latest version available.
2)      Check the draft specification. If your router supports 802.11n, seek technical assistance in this regard.
3)      If you have third party Wi-Fi router, go to manufacturer’s website and get help updating router firmware.

Use WPA and WPA2 Wireless Security

After upgrading Wi-Fi router firmware if you are still encountering connectivity issues, you need to use WPA and WPA2 Wireless security.

1)      If WEP is used as security option on your Wi-Fi router, change it to WPA or WPA2.
2)      If your router is using WEP wireless security option, it could result in intermittent disconnection on your device that needs password retype. You should use WPA or WPA2 encryption protocol and are effective security options for wireless connectivity.

Adjust Screen Brightness and Renew IP

It could be a reason that your screen brightness is set to a lower level. Change screen brightness by applying steps given below:

1.       Go to settings.
2.       Tap Brightness and Wallpaper and increase the brightness by moving slider to the right.

You may need to renew IP if you are on larger wireless network. Follow the steps given below to renew IP.

1.       Go to Settings | Tap Wi-Fi.
2.       In Wi-Fi check the Wi-Fi network tap on it.
3.       Now tap Renew Lease.
4.       Turn off and ON Wi-Fi.

Reset Network Settings

If your videos are streaming slower, it could be due to poor Wi-Fi reception. In this case you need to reset network settings through steps given below:

1.       Go to Settings, tap General | Network | Wi-Fi.
2.       Tap arrow and on next screen tap “FORGET THIS NETWORK”.
3.       Rejoin the network which you have forgotten.

If you are still having problems, perform these steps:
1.       Go to Settings | General | Reset.
2.       Tap Reset Network Settings.
3.       Reboot your device (iPad).
4.       Connect to Wireless network.

Maximize Battery Life

Excessive usage of streaming can affect your iPad’s battery life. You can maximize the battery life through following workarounds:

Keep iPad away from heat: Don’t place your device in hot environment. Take it to some cool place.
Adjust Screen Brightness: Reduce the brightness of screen to some 30-40%.
Set an Auto-Lock: Settings your device to Auto-Lock would make big difference in battery life.
Use Airplane Mode: This mode is helpful in playing games and watching movies. This mode will turn OFF your wireless radio and Wi-Fi.
Change Mail Settings and Calendar Checking: Go to Settings | Mail, Contacts and Calendars and Tap on Fetch New Data. Change settings to minimum frequent checks.
Reduce Notifications: If you do not want the notifications on your screen. you need to turn off concerning feature. Go to Settings | Notifications.
Disable Bluetooth and Vibrate Feature: Disabling bluetooth and vibrate feature especially before playing games would save battery usage.  
Quit Apps and Force Reboot Device
Video streaming and all other applications in iOS slow down sometimes. If you are encountering the same problem, you need to quit these apps and forcefully reboot the device.

Quit Apps

To quit apps tap on Home Button twice and enter into the Task Switcher. Hold down the app you want to quit until it shows red “_” at the end of the icon. To manually quit an app, follow the steps given below:

1.       Hold Sleep/ Wake button and wait for a red slider.
2.       Do not slide red slider, just let go of Sleep/Wake Button.
3.       Tap Home button and app would forcefully quit.

Reboot iPad

Use sleep/wake button on the corner of the device to turn it off. Press Sleep/Wake button again to turn it ON.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Remove Yahoo Email Virus

Yahoo Email Virus is designed to infect computer systems, make changes into Yahoo Messenger files in order to hack Yahoo email accounts. Since it is very harmful for one’s privacy and confidentiality, everybody wants to get rid of it. The virus infection can be recognized if you see below mentioned message on your monitor screen:

“Yahoo Messenger is not installed on your Machine”

This article lists solutions to avoid damage to your system. The steps mentioned below would completely wipe-out the virus infection from your computer. You need to follow the steps strictly in the given manner.


1. End Suspicious Processes

2. Run Complete Virus Scan

3. Set Default Parameters to the Hosts File

4. Remove Malicious Registry Entries

End Suspicious Processes

Firstly you have to look up and end suspicious processes running in your system. You can do this by following the steps given below:

· Click the Start button.
· Type “Taskmgr” (without quotes) in the Search Box.
· Click Taskmgr and go to the Processes Tab.
· Locate following processes one by one:
System gphone.exe
Temp gphone.exe
Driver New Folder.exe
Document and Settings \ All Users \ Desktop \ gphone.exe
Driver letter gphone.exe
Windir gphone.exe
System Default_Not_Set.exe
Root Folder gphone.exe
· Now Right-click on each of them and select End Process button.

Run Complete Virus Scan

This is no doubt a virus infection and it needs to be dealt with a powerful Antivirus software. Download an antivirus program. There are number of free antivirus programs available on the Internet. Do full system scan and remove infected files.

Note: If you already have an antivirus installed, there is a possibility that it has failed to detect the virus. Hence you should obtain a powerful antivirus instead of using the old one.

Set Default Parameters in the Hosts File

This virus infection can alter as well as infect your system Host file. Therefore you need to tackle the problem by resetting the Hosts file. Follow the steps given below to do so:

· Click the Start button.
· Type %systemroot% \system32\drivers\etc in the Search Box
· Click OK.
· You may find Hosts file there in the “ETC” folder, rename the file to Hosts.Old. This would be a good backup in case of emergency.
· Right-click on free space in the ETC folder.
· Select New from context menu, select Text Document
· Type Hosts and press ENTER.
· Open the newly created Hosts file using Notepad.
· Copy following text into the file:

Text code for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003:

Text code for Windows Vista or for Windows Server 2008:

Text code for Windows 7:

· Save file after with following parameters: 
  File Name: Hosts 
  File Type: All Files
· Close Notepad.

Remove Malicious Registry Entries

Windows Registry is integral part of the system processes. Yahoo Email Virus has its own Registry entries. They contain data to be used for hacking, retrieving sensitive information and so on. Unless and until these entries are removed, the virus can re-establish a network connection to transit the data. In other words, your computer is unprotected until these entries are deleted.

How to delete these entries? Well, it is not so easy to do this job manually. You need an advance knowledge of handling Registry keys, identifying problems and implementing correct changes.

· Download RegInOut System Utilities.
· Install and open the program.
· Scan the entire Registry.
· Fix all errors and delete all malicious entries.

Hulu Plus for Windows 8

Hulu service was initially introduced back in the year 2007. It was aimed to improve online video consumption experience. Hulu plus provides broad array of TV programs and films. The service charges are quite reasonable- as less as $10/ month. This is the only service charging such a low price; while there are many competitors charging high prices.

The quality of videos is much better than other services along with accessibility to number of devices. You’re free to use IE, Chrome, FF, Adobe Flash Player and Safari for improving your online experience. The service provides popular TV shows with an ability to choose from latest TV episodes. This is very similar to what you watch on PCs. You can enjoy watching Hulu Pus on Kindle Fire, Gaming Console, Roku, Smart TV, Smartphone and Windows 8.

Hulu Plus is combined with Hulu Desktop and Hulu Social. Hulu Desktop works with computer remotes. Use a supported app for watching movies on it. You can also watch movies on Facebook. The only problem is commercial advertisements but if you subscribe for a paid version, advertisements will be limited.

Recently they have launched Hulu Plus mobile app which is available on Windows Phone Store. This app enables you to watch TV clips and favorite movies on Windows 8 Phone. The app offers Glee, Vampire Diaries, Family Guy, Community and other popular shows. It also includes SpongeBob, iCarly, Caillou and other Ad-free kid shows. You can opt for limited add version under $ 10 a month.

Hulu Plus for Windows 8 Phone has some of the best available features such as feeds from different clips, ability to resume program, instant access to multiple videos and search functionality. It also provides you live tile updates on some of the best shows.

In Windows Store you can get this app for free but you need to subscribe for service to access the content.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Windows Blue Insights

These days tech industry is fueled with code name “Windows Blue” for the next upgrade of Windows 8 operating system. This article would give you complete insights which include certain problems and analysis about new upgrade to address the confusion.

Price remains the major constraint behind any innovation. Microsoft did not mention the price when they announced their product last week. Consumers might be thinking Microsoft is going to offer free decimal point upgrade for Windows 8 users. It means the upgrade is free but it is limited to Windows 8 users only. So the first thing is to get Windows 8 and get the upgrade for free.

Microsoft has introduced an improved version of Windows by overhauling Windows 7 back in October. Windows 8 was meant to meet the growing needs of smartphone industry. They managed to provide users almost complete control on touch screen. They received criticism from users for eliminating the Start button. It provided them a new way to access programs and control over frequently used items. In the PC mode they just resembled older version without having the Start button to access settings and programs. As a result, they had more than 10 percent PC sale decline in the first quarter.

The newest Windows 8.1 upgrade is better for tablets and 1/8 inch screens. Furthermore it would allow devices to compete with smartphone giants such as Samsung, Google and Apple devices. Once they successfully implements upgrade on devices, they will land into the market with pre-installed 8.1 on Microsoft devices.

Would Windows 8 Significantly Fix all Problems?

It is essential for Microsoft to refresh the OS in order to spark the tablet and PC sales. The company expects higher sales through the introduction of Blue. They made several changes in Windows 8 such as modifications to the subcomponents, feature set and tweaks on user interface. Combining all these changes, it’s just minor solution to the overall problems. They certainly need to get more work done on apps storage, price, positioning and other enterprise level changes.  

They are going to ship the upgrade in holiday season. It means the scheduled release has to work in fast-paced development procedures. Perhaps this is the continuous development strategy from Microsoft to increase its share in Tablet, Smartphone as well as in Desktop market. They are accelerating the pace of updates by now. The previous yearly updates in form of Service Pack between Windows editions have now turned into feature changes. This will enhance security level and fix the problem more importantly.

Currently they are focusing on the User Interface and Small to Medium Level Enhancements. They need to do more improvements. As I said earlier, the price has been a major role playing issue. It looks like they would lower the prices in decimal point upgrade. Lowering price would certainly increase the sales. They have planned it back in 2010 when they were building Windows 8 and Windows RT projects. At that time the prices of tablets were high but now the trend shifts to lower prices for tablets and smartphones. Newer devices would have larger screens at lower prices. Apps issue shall also be fixed in 8.1.

Microsoft currently claims to provide different styled user interface for touch-centric programs. The developers need to build up top-notch apps for consumers.

Update is Free for Windows 8 and RT Users

To cut the price Microsoft has provided free upgrade for Windows 8 and RT users through Windows Store. Consumers were expecting they are required to pay for the upgrade. They have already sold million copies of Windows 8 and placed 70,000 apps on store. The free upgrade will made transition simple. Microsoft believes that new strategy of updates will provide richer experience for consumers.

Biggest Threat

The biggest threat to Windows Blue is that it cannot fix app problem. The upgrade would initially solve some of the rough edges but core platform issue remains the same. The preinstalled apps are no more source of entertainment for consumers. The induction of the Start button as stated above is real time improvement and there are changes made on user interface end. Most likely company is focusing on changing the style and adding improvements in features along with fixing bugs in decimal upgrades. If they could work closely with apps session, they can increase the market share.

On Microsoft Store there are more than 70,000 apps for consumers. Microsoft already ships these apps with Windows 8 but these apps are underpowered and likely fit in tablet session. The mail app which is present in Windows 8 is far behind MS Outlook or web based email systems. Another Skydrive integration is plus but app is limited functionality. The design of IE for Windows 8 looks clumsy and seems something inferior to Desktop version of the browser.

The market competitors are dominating in apps section because Google Play Store is providing 800,000 apps, Apple App Store is providing 775,000 while Microsoft has only 50,000-70,000 apps. Windows Blue 8.1 would be a better operating system if they could solve apps problem.

Fix Blackberry Freezing

Blackberry is a strong alternative to laptop and notebook. This is the reason why it has captured a huge segment of Smartphone market. Blackberry freezing issues are common. It is vulnerable for users when they found themselves incapable of performing tasks on their device.

This article contains a set of solutions that will resolve this problem amicably. Follow all the steps given in this article.


1.  Reset your Blackberry device
2.  Delete junk applications
3.  Update firmware
4.  Perform security wipe

Reset your Blackberry Device

Reset your Blackberry device to fix freezing problem. There are two types of reset, viz. Hard and Soft Reset. Try any of them as shown below:

Hard Reset:

·         Take your Smartphone in your hand.
·         Pull the battery cover and remove the battery.
·         Replace the battery after few seconds.
·         Now replace the battery cover.

Soft Reset:

·         Take your Blackberry device in your hand.
·         Press and hold the Alt and Right Shift keys simultaneously.
·         Now press Backspace and Delete keys while holding Alt and Right Shift keys.
·         A blank screen will appear on your Smartphone LCD. It indicates that your device is preparing to be restarted.
·         Release all the keys you are holding.

Delete Junk Applications

We generally install too many junk applications in our Blackberry device. It wastes device memory and thus the freezing issue occurs. To resolve the issue you need to delete unnecessary applications. Follow the direct method given below:

·         Open your Blackberry device.
·         Tap to Options | Advanced Options | Applications.
·         A list of all installed applications will be gathered.
·         Check mark the applications that you would like to uninstall.
·         Select Delete | Yes to confirm deletion.
·         Repeat this process for all other applications.

Update Firmware

Outdated firmware also cause Blackberry freezing problem. If you haven’t updated your firmware so far, please do it now. Follow the steps given below to proceed with the update task:

·         Visit the firmware download official link. Select your carrier, model and download the appropriate firmware.
·         Install and run the downloaded firmware.
·         Mark the option Desktop Manager when it finalizes installation.
·         Open My Computer and then go to following path:.
    C:/Program Files/Common Files/ Research in Motion/AppLoader
·         Find Vendor.xml file and delete it.
·         Now connect your BB Smartphone to your PC through a USB Cable.
·         Open Desktop Manager software.
·         The device would divert you to the update task. If it wouldn’t, click Update from Desktop Manager software. You will be prompted to Update BlackBerry Device Software.
·         Select View Other Versions and choose the version you have earlier installed.
·         Follow the on-screen  wizard.

Perform Security Wipe

You also need to perform security wipe if none of the above solutions have worked for you. It will clear all your phone data and make your phone as it is a brand new. Follow the steps given below to perform security wipe:

·         Open your Blackberry Smartphone.
·         Choose Options from the home screen.
·         Tap to Security Settings and then Security Wipe.
·         Check-up the checkboxes to identify the items to wipe out.
·         You will see a field. Enter “blackberry” into the field and select Wipe.
·         Your phone will reboot for few times and then the Wipe process will start.
·         Be patient until Wipe process completes.
·         You are done! Your phone will not contain any data after Wipe process completes.

Note: Do take backup of the data that you require in future before performing security wipe.

Android App for Switching to Windows Phone

Smartphone applications have revolutionized the phone experience. People have a wider variety of smartphones to choose from, according to their liking and personal skills. The smartphone industry is growing with the entrance of new app developing companies.

Microsoft has also entered the smartphone industry. The company is developing apps to introduce new variety of features in the market. Recently it has launched Switch to Windows Phone application for Android users. With this application users can switch to Windows Phone without much trouble. The purpose of this app is not to capture Android market share but to provide convenience for Android users to switch to Windows Phone.

The app retrieves a list of all the installed apps on your smartphone and then uses the cloud technology to save this list to your Microsoft ID. It then searches for similar apps that you may use through Windows Phone Store. You will then be shown a list of all Windows Phone apps which are very similar to the Android apps you have currently installed. The process is quick; it doesn’t take much time.

Quick Steps:

·         Visit the Android Store to download & install Switch to Windows Phone app.
·         Open downloaded app and run app to scan for a matching application on Windows Phone
·         Start scanning for matching apps for Windows Phone. A list of all installed Android apps will be retrieved and saved on your Microsoft ID.