Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SyncMate Review 2013 --Why Synchronization is Inevitable!

Are you fed-up of holding multiple devices? Do you wish to shrink the burden of devices you hold? If yes, SyncMate is exclusively for you. No matter how many devices you have and how many different technologies you use - SyncMate will synchronize all of them with Mac. Keep reading to know more about the above software.

What is SyncMate?

SyncMate is a synchronization software developed by Eltima software. The software offers ultimate solution for technology synchronization. It lets you synchronize almost every device and technology with your Mac..

SyncMate software interface is user-friendly. In addition, the Eltima software has structured the features according to the needs of people. Following information shall be helpful to acquire more understating and to get more knowledge about the software.    

How many devices can a user synchronize?

SyncMate software let people synchronize their Mac device and various other devices with others. The devices which a user can synchronize through SyncMate include all latest technologies. Below is the list of devices and technologies that can be synchronized with Mac:

1.   Windows PC
2.   Windows Phone
3.   Nokia S40
4.   Android Phone/ Tablet
5.   BlackBerry SmartPhone
6.   Mounted Device
7.   Sony PSP (PlayStations)
8.   iPhone, iPad, iPod Nano, iPod Touch
9.   MTP Devices
10.  Cloud Contacts
11.  Could Calendars
12.  Google Account
13.  DropBox Account

Even though SyncMate has included all popular devices and technologies, users can report other devices and include them in the list. Indeed, Eltima software provides convenience to the people who want to shrink device luggage.

Integrated Features

Beside synchronization there are number of other features of installing SyncMate software in Mac OS. The features are given below:

1. It gives backup convenience to users so that they can backup data with encryption and without encryption from all cloud and local devices. In addition, users can backup and store their previous data to online storage provided by Eltima.

2. Users can synchronize folders and files with Macs, Sony PSPs, Mounted Storage and Windows PCs.

3. It protects all logging information to maintain user’s privacy and avoid any information theft and inconvenience.

4. It gives convenience to convert videos to MPG, MP4, 3GP, ASF, WMV and AVI.

5. Automated synchronization allows users to synchronized devices every time automatically.

6. Users receive free SMS reader plug-in to read messages on their Mac devices.

7. It allows users to backup their precious data from the USB drive.

8. Users receive free and exclusive synchronization of their Google account.

9. Users can view and search call history from Mac devices.

10. Users can resize images while synchronizing.

How Much it Costs?

The final question that comes to mind is if someone is giving ultimate synchronization solution then a customer has to bear a sufficient cost for it. Conversely SyncMate software is available in two editions Free/ Shareware Edition and Expert Edition.

Free Edition is completely free and contains sufficient features for a common user. However Expert edition has a small fee to obtain it. You can enjoy all the features and technology synchronization by availing the edition that fulfils your needs.
Final Thoughts

As technology is evolving every day, the need of software utility like SyncMate is becoming essential. The features and synchronization options discussed above determines that it is very useful. SyncMate is smart solution for your everyday needs.

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