Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Java Error Windows 8

Java error Windows 8 halts Java applets from loading. It mainly occurs while browsing rich multimedia web sites. It restricts users from viewing Java enriched multimedia content. It disables Java plug-in and crashes Java program. Most of us face this problem quite frequently.

If you are facing above problem, you need to solve it by following the solutions given below.

Workaround guidelines:

1. Verify your Java version

2. Enable Java through Java control panel

3. Clear Java cache

4. Disable proxy settings

5. Clean Windows Registry errors

Verify your Java version

Java program is developed differently for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. If you’re using a 32 bit version of Windows 8, please install only 32 bit version of Java program. If you’re using 64 bit Windows 8, please install only 64 bit version of Java program. Verify your Java version here. Inter-version conflicts cause Java program to crash.

Enable Java through Java Control Panel

Java Error Windows 8 occurs if Java is completely disabled. This occurs due to several reasons.

In such circumstances, it is important to re-enable Java. Re-enable Java through its Control Panel options. Follow the steps given below to enable Java through control panel:

· Drag your mouse cursor to right bottom corner of screen and click Search icon.

· Type “Java Control Panel” in Search Box.

· You can see Java icon in the Search Results.

· Click Java icon to open Java Control Panel.

· Click Security tab in the Control Panel.

· Check-up the box besides “Enable Java Content in the Browser”.

· Now click Apply and then Ok.

· Reboot your system to enable all the changes made.

Clear Java cache

Your Java plug-in cache might have been corrupt or it has stored older version of web pages and programs. You need to clear your Java program’s cache by deleting temporary files through control panel.

Follow the steps given below to clear Java cache:

· Press Windows button on keyboard and W to open Search Charm.

· Search box shall be appear.

· Type “Java Control Panel” into Search Box.

· You can see Java icon in Search Results.

· Click Java icon to open Java Control Panel.

· Go to General tab and then click Settings button under Temporary Internet Files.

· You shall see a dialog box captioned Temporary Files Settings.

· Click Delete files button, now you shall see a dialog box captioned Delete Files and Applications.

· Click OK | OK.

Disable Proxy Settings

Proxy conflicts can restrict you to load Java enriched multimedia content. Resolve Java error Windows 8 by disabling proxy settings through Java Control Panel. Follow the steps given below to do so:

· Open Java Control Panel.

· Click General Tab | Network Settings button

· Check-up the box beside “Use Browser Settings”.

· Click OK and close your browser

· Restart Browser and try to load some applet.

· If you experience the same problem again, you need to change your browser’s proxy settings.

Clean Windows Registry Errors

Scan and clean Windows Registry errors that reflect Java program. Every program and process running in Windows creates a new registry key for it. Sometime the relevant Registry keys become corrupt, outdated or damaged.

· Download Registry Cleaner software such as Reginout

· Install the software.

· Run system Registry scan to detect Registry errors.

· Clean all errors found in the scan report.

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