Tuesday, April 16, 2013

File Sync Software

Do you feel like a device holder while carrying multiple devices in your hands or pockets? Have you ever thought of software that could synchronize different files in a single device?
Nobody feels comfortable carrying multiple devices along with him/ her. The reason is that keeping multiple devices is old-fashioned because day-by-day technology is turning smarter enough.

The SyncMate file sync software is a complete solution for this problem. Keep reading this article to get more understanding about SyncMate software.

What is SyncMate File Sync Software?

Eltima Software has introduced advanced technology by developing “SyncMate”. It enables file synchronization among almost all latest technologies. This technology is precisely designed for people who use multiple devices/ technologies by necessity; and not by choice.

SyncMate file sync software not only synchronizes latest devices at one Mac platform but also offers number of other features. Therefore if you wish to have smart technology and want to look advanced than SyncMate is for you.

How Device/ Technology Synchronization Become Possible?

Technology advancement divided the users and their preferences. Coordination becomes tough when technology synchronization could not work between two individuals or businesses. The question raised was how to combine two individuals or businesses on a single platform to conduct fruitful endeavors.

SyncMate resolved the issue by introducing SyncMate software to synchronize technology and files. Devices that you may sync are Windows Phone, Windows PC, Nokia S40 phone, BlackBerry, Mounted device, Sony PSP, Android Phone or Tablet, iPod Nano, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MTP devices, Cloud contacts, Could calendars, Google account and DropBox account.

Device/ technology synchronization provides you convenience to work with multiple technologies at a single Mac platform. This also saves precious time.  

File Synchronization Feature

File synchronization is a major feature that SyncMate software offers. This feature enables users to synchronize files with Sony PSPs, Macs, Mounted Storage and Windows PCs. Even users can synchronize the folders.

In addition to file synchronization, it lets users convert MP3 and WAV file formats to iTunes and videos plug-in.

Therefore, the file sync software from SyncMate is an ultimate solution for everyone who needs to shrink his/ her device/ technology burden by integrating them into one Mac based device.

Acquire File Sync Software According to your Needs

SyncMate file sync software is available in two editions. First is freeware edition that does not cost you a single penny, you just need to download, install and run it. Second is expert edition for which you have to pay a small fee.

Both editions are designed according to the customer needs. Most commonly needed synchronization is free of cost, however, if you need something exclusive then you have to pay for it.

Final Thoughts..

Finally, the file sync software has identified needs of the users. It has developed a technology for the convenience of the users. The ultimate aim is not to earn financial benefits as it also offers freeware edition; but the major priority is providing technology synchronization at its best.

The common needs are fulfilled in the freeware edition. The major needs such as business requirements have been covered in the expert edition. It is the best solution for your technology needs.

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