Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diablo III error 108

Diablo III error 108 occurs before game-play due to an incomplete file. This error is similar to “an-expected-decryption-error-occurred” error which appears when installation files are either incomplete or damaged. When you open the downloader it shows the progress bar at 100% but when you launch the game you have to see an ugly error alert. 

This article would give you complete guidelines to resolve Diablo III error 108.

Solution Steps

· Re-launch Downloader

· Enable Windows Service for Secondary Logon

· Remove Beta Files

· Run Agent Manually

· Refresh Diablo III Files

· Check Compatibility Mode

· Clean Windows Registry to improve performance of game 

Re-launch Downloader

Error 108 can be fixed by re-launching downloader. The procedure given below would correct any missing data and verify the game files. Follow the instructions given below to re-launch downloader.

1. GOTO game installation directory and select Diablo III 8370 enGB Installer

2. Point to specified directory, if game is installed on D:\Games\Diablo III 830 Installer—GOTO to D:\Games

3. GOTO the destination folder directly do not use automatically generated folder created by downloader

4. Once your downloader is at 100%, game would launch automatically without any error message.

5. If you are still having problems, trash/delete Diablo III Client and download from Battle.net without any error messages

Enable Windows Service for Secondary Logon

Windows Service for secondary logon might be disabled and causing trouble to your PC. In order to fix Diablo issues, you need to enable Windows service for secondary logon through procedure given below.

1. GOTO Control Panel and select Administrative Tools

2. Click on Services | Select Secondary Logon

3. Right-click on Secondary Logon to select Properties

4. Enable Startup type of Secondary Logon if it is set to Disabled

Remove Beta Files

In some cases beta files present on your system are source of error 108. Removing those beta files should fix the problem.

1. Open Control Panel | Uninstall a Program

2. Click on Diablo III | Uninstall

3. Now GOTO “C:\Program Files\Diablo III Beta” remove this folder 

4. Clear cache

5. Download Diablo III again

Run Agent Manually

Problem with agent executable files can result in different problems and errors. Run agent manually to fix this problem. Follow the instructions given below to run agent manually.

1. Run the agent and wait until it get stuck | Close it

2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del | Now terminate “Agent” process

3. GOTO C:\programdata\battle.net\agent” | Start Agent file

4. Now run the installer again

Refresh Diablo III files

The following procedure would help removing files created by Blizzard during download. Diablo III problem should be fixed by refreshing Diablo III files.

1. Open My Computer

2. GOTO Installation drive and remove following folders completely

a. c:\proramdata\battle.net

b. c:\programdata\blizzard entertainment\battle.net cache

3. Download game again

Check Compatibility Mode

Once you successfully installed game on your system, try running it in compatibility mode. Follow the instructions given below to run Diablo III in compatibility mode.

1. GOTO Diablo III Setup file

2. Right-click on Setup file and select Properties | Check Compatibility “run this program in compatibility mode”

3. Select Windows XP SP 3 from drop down | Also check “run this program in compatibility mode”

Clean Windows Registry to Improve Performance of Game

Windows Registry stores settings related to all installed programs including games. Misleading Registry entries related to Diablo III can result in slow performance of game. To solve this problem you need to clean Windows Registry through a powerful System Utility Software.

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