Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cloud Mac Sync

Technology usage becomes difficult when users access multiple devices on daily basis. For instance, if someone has MAC he could have Android Operating System in his phone and may be iOS in tablet. That creates a need for synchronization of data spread across multiple devices. Cloud-based synchronization of Mac is a solution for Apple’s OS users.

If you are in a profession where you have to use multiple devices, it is sure that you are in great mess. The reason is each day you have to spend a sufficient part of your work time to start, load and access those devices. Not only starting or accessing a device but also you have to keep record of your doings on each device separately.

For instance, if you are using Mac and you need to access cloud drives, you cannot do this because these are not compatible with each other therefore two different technologies synchronization is not possible at the same time. You must be thinking of – is Cloud Mac sync possible?

How Cloud Mac Sync Becomes Possible?

The voice of millions of people has been listened by reputed organization Eltima software that developed SyncMate synchronization software to give convenience to multiple technology users. Above said software provides complete solution in its two different versions for entirely different users.

·         First is free edition that is for those who need basic synchronization such as contacts and calendars. This is a completely free of cost service provided by Eltima software.
·         Second is Expert Edition that provides extra synchronization options to those who requires synchronization by necessity not by choice. This edition includes synchronization of images, videos, music folders, devices, technology and much more.

Which Cloud Drives you can Access with SyncMate?

The Cloud Mac Sync option that SyncMate software provides includes all latest features. SyncMate not ends at the list provided below but it invites every interested tech geek to report other devices as well.

Following is the Cloud Mac Sync option that SyncMate provides for the time being:
1.   Google account
2.   DropBox account
3.   Cloud contacts
4.   Could calendars

Which Other Devices you can Synchronize with SyncMate software?

The software not only provides Cloud Mac Sync but also allows its users to synchronize other devices as well. The other devices that a user can synchronize with SyncMate software mentioned below:

1.   iPod Nano, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
2.   BlackBerry
3.   Android Phone or Tablet
4.   Mounted device
5.   Nokia S40 phone
6.   Windows PC
7.   Windows mobile
8.   MTP devices
9.   Sony PSP

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