Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chrome maze ... Transform Websites to 3D Mazes

Google Chrome is stable web browser competing with Microsoft Bing and Firefox in browser’s industry. Google continues experimenting on its product. The latest experiment by Google is Chrome Maze which turns your website into interactive 3D mazes. You can transform your site by visiting following link. http://chrome.com/maze

On startup you would see following screen:

This Chrome World Wide Maze experiment is provided by Google Japan which allows users to transform any website into desktop game. In fact Google wants customers to use its browser. You need to install both desktop and mobile versions of the product.

If you are using your Smartphone as a controller of little ball that is moving on your website that is transformed into 3D Maze, you need to open the same tabs on phone and desktop. It allows you to roll the ball on your favorite websites. This game works both on iPhone and Android devices. Google launched it’s intro to let users experiment how their site would look like controlling ball through smartphone. Basically Mobile browser syncs up with desktop browser to navigate around.

Below is start screen of World Wide Maze that turns your favorite website into 3D maze. There is Start Button displayed below to get you started with intro.

Clicking on Start takes you to another screen on which you can see Mobile browser syncing with desktop browser.

Stage means your background. When you are transforming your favorite website into Chrome 3D Maze, your website becomes the stage.

To transform your website into interactive 3D game you should install both Mobile and Desktop Chrome to get started with. Share your feedback once done!!

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