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Review of Manga Studio

Those who love to draw non-animated cartoons can augment their artistic skills by using Manga Studio. Users can also put dazzling colors in their created designs through Manga. If you are a professional artist you can get ultimate benefits from it.

Manga Studio’s brief introduction and technical specifications are explained below:

Brief overview of technology and the team behind it:

It is a cutting-edge drawing tool developed by a team of professionals. The motivation was to do something different and perfect. 

What is different in Manga Studio?

· You can choose a screen tone from 3,000 available screen tones or you can create your 
   own as well.

· You can sketch your artwork minutely with the help of digital penciling and inking tools.

· You can feel traditional sketching as you are holding pen and paper in the full tablet 
   pressure sensitivity environment.

· Number of screen tones and special effects gives ultimate dimension and depth to your 

· The powerful color when dips into your sketch make the sketches real.

· It gives all to an artist who needs to create a masterpiece by utilizing his/her aesthetics.  
  Moreover, it saves time and effort and user can produce exception.

Prerequisites to use Manga Studio:

Following is the detail of Manga Studio technical prerequisites:

Manga Studio 5 version details for Windows & Mac:

Windows                                                                  Mac

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 64-bit version                     Macintosh (OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8)

2 GHz (Intel Processor)                                             Processor (Intel core 2 Duo)

Not compatible with 64-bit version of

XP or Vista

Not compatible with Windows RT

Common prerequisites:

  • Compatibility: Compatible with 32bit as well as 64 bit OS Version
  • HDD: 2 GB of free hard disk drive space required 
  • RAM: 2 GB of Random Access Memory required 
  • Screen Resolution: VRAM Graphic card with 256MB+ and OpenGL 1.5
  • Display: WXGA (1280x768) or higher, XGA (1024x768) or higher
  • Device: Bamboo, Pen Tablet – FAVO, Intuos or Cintiq

4 Debut version details for Windows & Mac:

Windows                                                                   Mac

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 64-bit version                      Mac (OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8)

1.5 GHz (Intel Processor)                                           1.5 GHz (Intel Processor)

Common prerequisites:

  • HDD: 500 MB of free hard disk drive space required 
  • RAM: 512 MB of Random Access Memory required 
  • Screen Resolution: 1024x768 of screen resolution required
  • Display: 16-bit of color display is required

4 Ex version details for Windows & Mac:

Windows                                                                   Mac

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 64-bit version                      Mac (OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8)

1 GHz Intel Processor                                                1.5 GHz (Intel Processor)

Common prerequisites:

  • HDD: 700 MB of free hard disk drive space required 
  • RAM: 512 MB of Random Access Memory required 
  • Screen Resolution: 1024x768 of screen resolution required
  • Display: 16-bit of color display is required

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cloud Mac Sync

Technology usage becomes difficult when users access multiple devices on daily basis. For instance, if someone has MAC he could have Android Operating System in his phone and may be iOS in tablet. That creates a need for synchronization of data spread across multiple devices. Cloud-based synchronization of Mac is a solution for Apple’s OS users.

If you are in a profession where you have to use multiple devices, it is sure that you are in great mess. The reason is each day you have to spend a sufficient part of your work time to start, load and access those devices. Not only starting or accessing a device but also you have to keep record of your doings on each device separately.

For instance, if you are using Mac and you need to access cloud drives, you cannot do this because these are not compatible with each other therefore two different technologies synchronization is not possible at the same time. You must be thinking of – is Cloud Mac sync possible?

How Cloud Mac Sync Becomes Possible?

The voice of millions of people has been listened by reputed organization Eltima software that developed SyncMate synchronization software to give convenience to multiple technology users. Above said software provides complete solution in its two different versions for entirely different users.

·         First is free edition that is for those who need basic synchronization such as contacts and calendars. This is a completely free of cost service provided by Eltima software.
·         Second is Expert Edition that provides extra synchronization options to those who requires synchronization by necessity not by choice. This edition includes synchronization of images, videos, music folders, devices, technology and much more.

Which Cloud Drives you can Access with SyncMate?

The Cloud Mac Sync option that SyncMate software provides includes all latest features. SyncMate not ends at the list provided below but it invites every interested tech geek to report other devices as well.

Following is the Cloud Mac Sync option that SyncMate provides for the time being:
1.   Google account
2.   DropBox account
3.   Cloud contacts
4.   Could calendars

Which Other Devices you can Synchronize with SyncMate software?

The software not only provides Cloud Mac Sync but also allows its users to synchronize other devices as well. The other devices that a user can synchronize with SyncMate software mentioned below:

1.   iPod Nano, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
2.   BlackBerry
3.   Android Phone or Tablet
4.   Mounted device
5.   Nokia S40 phone
6.   Windows PC
7.   Windows mobile
8.   MTP devices
9.   Sony PSP

Diablo III error 108

Diablo III error 108 occurs before game-play due to an incomplete file. This error is similar to “an-expected-decryption-error-occurred” error which appears when installation files are either incomplete or damaged. When you open the downloader it shows the progress bar at 100% but when you launch the game you have to see an ugly error alert. 

This article would give you complete guidelines to resolve Diablo III error 108.

Solution Steps

· Re-launch Downloader

· Enable Windows Service for Secondary Logon

· Remove Beta Files

· Run Agent Manually

· Refresh Diablo III Files

· Check Compatibility Mode

· Clean Windows Registry to improve performance of game 

Re-launch Downloader

Error 108 can be fixed by re-launching downloader. The procedure given below would correct any missing data and verify the game files. Follow the instructions given below to re-launch downloader.

1. GOTO game installation directory and select Diablo III 8370 enGB Installer

2. Point to specified directory, if game is installed on D:\Games\Diablo III 830 Installer—GOTO to D:\Games

3. GOTO the destination folder directly do not use automatically generated folder created by downloader

4. Once your downloader is at 100%, game would launch automatically without any error message.

5. If you are still having problems, trash/delete Diablo III Client and download from without any error messages

Enable Windows Service for Secondary Logon

Windows Service for secondary logon might be disabled and causing trouble to your PC. In order to fix Diablo issues, you need to enable Windows service for secondary logon through procedure given below.

1. GOTO Control Panel and select Administrative Tools

2. Click on Services | Select Secondary Logon

3. Right-click on Secondary Logon to select Properties

4. Enable Startup type of Secondary Logon if it is set to Disabled

Remove Beta Files

In some cases beta files present on your system are source of error 108. Removing those beta files should fix the problem.

1. Open Control Panel | Uninstall a Program

2. Click on Diablo III | Uninstall

3. Now GOTO “C:\Program Files\Diablo III Beta” remove this folder 

4. Clear cache

5. Download Diablo III again

Run Agent Manually

Problem with agent executable files can result in different problems and errors. Run agent manually to fix this problem. Follow the instructions given below to run agent manually.

1. Run the agent and wait until it get stuck | Close it

2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del | Now terminate “Agent” process

3. GOTO C:\programdata\\agent” | Start Agent file

4. Now run the installer again

Refresh Diablo III files

The following procedure would help removing files created by Blizzard during download. Diablo III problem should be fixed by refreshing Diablo III files.

1. Open My Computer

2. GOTO Installation drive and remove following folders completely

a. c:\proramdata\

b. c:\programdata\blizzard entertainment\ cache

3. Download game again

Check Compatibility Mode

Once you successfully installed game on your system, try running it in compatibility mode. Follow the instructions given below to run Diablo III in compatibility mode.

1. GOTO Diablo III Setup file

2. Right-click on Setup file and select Properties | Check Compatibility “run this program in compatibility mode”

3. Select Windows XP SP 3 from drop down | Also check “run this program in compatibility mode”

Clean Windows Registry to Improve Performance of Game

Windows Registry stores settings related to all installed programs including games. Misleading Registry entries related to Diablo III can result in slow performance of game. To solve this problem you need to clean Windows Registry through a powerful System Utility Software.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chrome maze ... Transform Websites to 3D Mazes

Google Chrome is stable web browser competing with Microsoft Bing and Firefox in browser’s industry. Google continues experimenting on its product. The latest experiment by Google is Chrome Maze which turns your website into interactive 3D mazes. You can transform your site by visiting following link.

On startup you would see following screen:

This Chrome World Wide Maze experiment is provided by Google Japan which allows users to transform any website into desktop game. In fact Google wants customers to use its browser. You need to install both desktop and mobile versions of the product.

If you are using your Smartphone as a controller of little ball that is moving on your website that is transformed into 3D Maze, you need to open the same tabs on phone and desktop. It allows you to roll the ball on your favorite websites. This game works both on iPhone and Android devices. Google launched it’s intro to let users experiment how their site would look like controlling ball through smartphone. Basically Mobile browser syncs up with desktop browser to navigate around.

Below is start screen of World Wide Maze that turns your favorite website into 3D maze. There is Start Button displayed below to get you started with intro.

Clicking on Start takes you to another screen on which you can see Mobile browser syncing with desktop browser.

Stage means your background. When you are transforming your favorite website into Chrome 3D Maze, your website becomes the stage.

To transform your website into interactive 3D game you should install both Mobile and Desktop Chrome to get started with. Share your feedback once done!!

File Sync Software

Do you feel like a device holder while carrying multiple devices in your hands or pockets? Have you ever thought of software that could synchronize different files in a single device?
Nobody feels comfortable carrying multiple devices along with him/ her. The reason is that keeping multiple devices is old-fashioned because day-by-day technology is turning smarter enough.

The SyncMate file sync software is a complete solution for this problem. Keep reading this article to get more understanding about SyncMate software.

What is SyncMate File Sync Software?

Eltima Software has introduced advanced technology by developing “SyncMate”. It enables file synchronization among almost all latest technologies. This technology is precisely designed for people who use multiple devices/ technologies by necessity; and not by choice.

SyncMate file sync software not only synchronizes latest devices at one Mac platform but also offers number of other features. Therefore if you wish to have smart technology and want to look advanced than SyncMate is for you.

How Device/ Technology Synchronization Become Possible?

Technology advancement divided the users and their preferences. Coordination becomes tough when technology synchronization could not work between two individuals or businesses. The question raised was how to combine two individuals or businesses on a single platform to conduct fruitful endeavors.

SyncMate resolved the issue by introducing SyncMate software to synchronize technology and files. Devices that you may sync are Windows Phone, Windows PC, Nokia S40 phone, BlackBerry, Mounted device, Sony PSP, Android Phone or Tablet, iPod Nano, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MTP devices, Cloud contacts, Could calendars, Google account and DropBox account.

Device/ technology synchronization provides you convenience to work with multiple technologies at a single Mac platform. This also saves precious time.  

File Synchronization Feature

File synchronization is a major feature that SyncMate software offers. This feature enables users to synchronize files with Sony PSPs, Macs, Mounted Storage and Windows PCs. Even users can synchronize the folders.

In addition to file synchronization, it lets users convert MP3 and WAV file formats to iTunes and videos plug-in.

Therefore, the file sync software from SyncMate is an ultimate solution for everyone who needs to shrink his/ her device/ technology burden by integrating them into one Mac based device.

Acquire File Sync Software According to your Needs

SyncMate file sync software is available in two editions. First is freeware edition that does not cost you a single penny, you just need to download, install and run it. Second is expert edition for which you have to pay a small fee.

Both editions are designed according to the customer needs. Most commonly needed synchronization is free of cost, however, if you need something exclusive then you have to pay for it.

Final Thoughts..

Finally, the file sync software has identified needs of the users. It has developed a technology for the convenience of the users. The ultimate aim is not to earn financial benefits as it also offers freeware edition; but the major priority is providing technology synchronization at its best.

The common needs are fulfilled in the freeware edition. The major needs such as business requirements have been covered in the expert edition. It is the best solution for your technology needs.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Driver power state failure / Driver power state failure Windows 8

Driver power state failure / Driver power state failure Windows 8 belongs to Blue Screen of Death Error. Windows users experience it because of outdated drivers, hardware incompatibility and several other reasons. Following solutions would help you deal with this error in a better manner.

1. Update drivers

2. Run Windows update

3. Uninstall conflicting security software

4. Run System file checker tool

5. Clean corrupt Windows Registry keys

Fix Registry Errors, Optimize PC Using RegInOut

Update Drivers

The most potent reason behind Driver power state failure / Driver power state failure Windows 8 error is outdated drivers. You need to update drivers to resolve this problem.

· Click the Start button.

· Type Device Manager in the Search box. Press ENTER.

· Now select a driver from the list appears, select Update Driver Software.

· In the new dialog, click Driver tab. Click Click Update Driver button.

· Follow the on screen wizard.

· Repeat above procedure for all other drivers.

Run Windows Update

The Driver power state failure / Driver power state failure Windows 8 error may occur because you do not have latest updates installed. Download and install latest updates on your computer to avoid this error message.

· Click the Start button.

· Click All Programs | Windows update.

· Click Check for Updates

· Windows will check for latest updates.

· After the list of latest virus definitions displayed, click Download and Install Updates button.

Uninstall Conflicting Security Software

Driver power state failure / Driver power state failure Windows 8 error occurs because of conflicting security software. You need to uninstall your security software to determine whether it was a reason. If your system runs fine without security software then do install a different company’s system security software.

Run System File Checker Tool

System File Checker tool is Windows inbuilt feature. It scans all system files and repairs corrupt files. Run this tool to fix your problem.

· Click the Start button.

· Click All Programs | Accessories.

· Right click Command Prompt, select Run as Administrator. Enter admin user name and password, if required to do so

· Type following command:

sfc /scannow

· Press ENTER.

Clean Corrupt Windows Registry keys

Windows Registry is key component that ensures your system runs smoothly. Windows Registry might be corrupt. That is why you are experiencing Driver power state failure / Driver power state failure Windows 8. Follow the procedure given below:

· Download Registry Cleaner software Utility such as REGINOUT.

· Install software to run it for system scan.

· Scan your system for Registry errors.

· You will have a list of Windows Registry errors.

· Click Fix Errors button to clean Registry errors.

· Reboot your system.

Java Error Windows 8

Java error Windows 8 halts Java applets from loading. It mainly occurs while browsing rich multimedia web sites. It restricts users from viewing Java enriched multimedia content. It disables Java plug-in and crashes Java program. Most of us face this problem quite frequently.

If you are facing above problem, you need to solve it by following the solutions given below.

Workaround guidelines:

1. Verify your Java version

2. Enable Java through Java control panel

3. Clear Java cache

4. Disable proxy settings

5. Clean Windows Registry errors

Verify your Java version

Java program is developed differently for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. If you’re using a 32 bit version of Windows 8, please install only 32 bit version of Java program. If you’re using 64 bit Windows 8, please install only 64 bit version of Java program. Verify your Java version here. Inter-version conflicts cause Java program to crash.

Enable Java through Java Control Panel

Java Error Windows 8 occurs if Java is completely disabled. This occurs due to several reasons.

In such circumstances, it is important to re-enable Java. Re-enable Java through its Control Panel options. Follow the steps given below to enable Java through control panel:

· Drag your mouse cursor to right bottom corner of screen and click Search icon.

· Type “Java Control Panel” in Search Box.

· You can see Java icon in the Search Results.

· Click Java icon to open Java Control Panel.

· Click Security tab in the Control Panel.

· Check-up the box besides “Enable Java Content in the Browser”.

· Now click Apply and then Ok.

· Reboot your system to enable all the changes made.

Clear Java cache

Your Java plug-in cache might have been corrupt or it has stored older version of web pages and programs. You need to clear your Java program’s cache by deleting temporary files through control panel.

Follow the steps given below to clear Java cache:

· Press Windows button on keyboard and W to open Search Charm.

· Search box shall be appear.

· Type “Java Control Panel” into Search Box.

· You can see Java icon in Search Results.

· Click Java icon to open Java Control Panel.

· Go to General tab and then click Settings button under Temporary Internet Files.

· You shall see a dialog box captioned Temporary Files Settings.

· Click Delete files button, now you shall see a dialog box captioned Delete Files and Applications.

· Click OK | OK.

Disable Proxy Settings

Proxy conflicts can restrict you to load Java enriched multimedia content. Resolve Java error Windows 8 by disabling proxy settings through Java Control Panel. Follow the steps given below to do so:

· Open Java Control Panel.

· Click General Tab | Network Settings button

· Check-up the box beside “Use Browser Settings”.

· Click OK and close your browser

· Restart Browser and try to load some applet.

· If you experience the same problem again, you need to change your browser’s proxy settings.

Clean Windows Registry Errors

Scan and clean Windows Registry errors that reflect Java program. Every program and process running in Windows creates a new registry key for it. Sometime the relevant Registry keys become corrupt, outdated or damaged.

· Download Registry Cleaner software such as Reginout

· Install the software.

· Run system Registry scan to detect Registry errors.

· Clean all errors found in the scan report.

SyncMate Review 2013 --Why Synchronization is Inevitable!

Are you fed-up of holding multiple devices? Do you wish to shrink the burden of devices you hold? If yes, SyncMate is exclusively for you. No matter how many devices you have and how many different technologies you use - SyncMate will synchronize all of them with Mac. Keep reading to know more about the above software.

What is SyncMate?

SyncMate is a synchronization software developed by Eltima software. The software offers ultimate solution for technology synchronization. It lets you synchronize almost every device and technology with your Mac..

SyncMate software interface is user-friendly. In addition, the Eltima software has structured the features according to the needs of people. Following information shall be helpful to acquire more understating and to get more knowledge about the software.    

How many devices can a user synchronize?

SyncMate software let people synchronize their Mac device and various other devices with others. The devices which a user can synchronize through SyncMate include all latest technologies. Below is the list of devices and technologies that can be synchronized with Mac:

1.   Windows PC
2.   Windows Phone
3.   Nokia S40
4.   Android Phone/ Tablet
5.   BlackBerry SmartPhone
6.   Mounted Device
7.   Sony PSP (PlayStations)
8.   iPhone, iPad, iPod Nano, iPod Touch
9.   MTP Devices
10.  Cloud Contacts
11.  Could Calendars
12.  Google Account
13.  DropBox Account

Even though SyncMate has included all popular devices and technologies, users can report other devices and include them in the list. Indeed, Eltima software provides convenience to the people who want to shrink device luggage.

Integrated Features

Beside synchronization there are number of other features of installing SyncMate software in Mac OS. The features are given below:

1. It gives backup convenience to users so that they can backup data with encryption and without encryption from all cloud and local devices. In addition, users can backup and store their previous data to online storage provided by Eltima.

2. Users can synchronize folders and files with Macs, Sony PSPs, Mounted Storage and Windows PCs.

3. It protects all logging information to maintain user’s privacy and avoid any information theft and inconvenience.

4. It gives convenience to convert videos to MPG, MP4, 3GP, ASF, WMV and AVI.

5. Automated synchronization allows users to synchronized devices every time automatically.

6. Users receive free SMS reader plug-in to read messages on their Mac devices.

7. It allows users to backup their precious data from the USB drive.

8. Users receive free and exclusive synchronization of their Google account.

9. Users can view and search call history from Mac devices.

10. Users can resize images while synchronizing.

How Much it Costs?

The final question that comes to mind is if someone is giving ultimate synchronization solution then a customer has to bear a sufficient cost for it. Conversely SyncMate software is available in two editions Free/ Shareware Edition and Expert Edition.

Free Edition is completely free and contains sufficient features for a common user. However Expert edition has a small fee to obtain it. You can enjoy all the features and technology synchronization by availing the edition that fulfils your needs.
Final Thoughts

As technology is evolving every day, the need of software utility like SyncMate is becoming essential. The features and synchronization options discussed above determines that it is very useful. SyncMate is smart solution for your everyday needs.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 Fatal Error League of Legends

People fail to play League of Legends game. After clicking the “Play” button a new window opens with below error –
   Fatal Error

If you receive the same error you have come at the right place. Follow the solutions given below until your problem fixes:

1. Install Patches
2. Delete Corrupt RDS Folder Contents
3. Repair Incorrect Settings
4. Switch to Native Client
5. Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework
6. Resolve Connection Issues

Install Patches

The game manufacturer company releases patches to fix internal bugs and errors. These patches automatically resolve internal bugs. Visit the website of game publisher, download and install the patches.

Delete Corrupt RDS Folder Contents

RDS folder contains several files. Contents of these files are retrieved during gameplay. Fix Fatal Error League of Legends by deleting these corrupt files.

1. Double click My Computer desktop icon.
2. Open following directory:
C:\Program Files\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\Projects\lol_air_client\Releases\[Your Version]\Deploy\Mod\RDS
3. Click Edit | Select All.
4. Press Delete key of your keyboard. Click the Yes button.

Repair Incorrect Settings

Incorrect settings especially game preferences, display settings, player settings can show Fatal Error League of Legends. This is because of incorrect Registry values, invalid paths/ references, incorrect DLL entries.

1. Download RegInOut System Utilities.
2. Install and run the program.
3. Under Registry Repair feature, click the Start Scan button.
4. Scan process begins.
5. Click Fix Errors as soon as a list of all error appears.
6. Reboot.

Switch to Native Client

RIOT, ILOL and Native Client are the different servers available. Which client do you use? If you’re using RIOT or ILOL client please switch to the Native Client. It shall fix Fatal Error League of Legends.
Similarly if you’re using the Native Client, please switch to RIOT or ILOL Clients.

Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework must be in good state. It is one of the essential tools required to be functioning. If it doesn’t function, Fatal Error League of Legends appears.

1. Click the Start button, select Control Panel.
2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
3. Select “Microsoft .NET Framework” program, click “Uninstall/ Remove” button.
4. The Uninstaller opens.
5. Follow the wizard. Reboot when it finishes.

Resolve Connection Issues

This can be an Internet connection related problem. Failure to obtain data from the servers can show Fatal Error League of Legends. Resolve Internet connection issues to fix the problem.

1. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your ISP can help if the problem belongs from his side or Internet cables/ wires.
2. Use an Internet Optimizer software.
3. Clear browser data, cache contents and temporary Internet files.
4. Reset web browser settings.