Monday, March 25, 2013

Windows 8 Hangs -- How to Deal With this Menace

Windows 8 is no exception to performance problems. People upgrade to Windows 8 in the hope of better performance, new features and improved appearance. Windows 8 is no doubt a cool version but when it comes to performance it still sucks. Internet forums are full of such complaints.

Interestingly it’s not difficult to fix Windows 8 hanging problem. Below are given solutions to fix this problem:

1. Clean Boot Windows
2. Perform Registry Tweaks
3. Perform Registry CleanUp
4. Utilize Space of External Hard Disk/ USB Drive

Clean Boot Windows

Clean Boot ensures no third-party programs or services are loaded. Long list of startup items may result in Windows 8 hangs. Clean boot Windows 8 to disable all unwanted startup items.

1. Click the Start Screen.
2. The Start Screen shall appear. Click to focus on the right hand side Search box.
3. Type msconfig in the Search Box, press ENTER.
4. System Configuration dialog opens.
5. Click Services tab. Check-up “Hide all Microsoft services” box. Click the Disable All button. (Make sure to enable only Antivirus services)
6. Click the Startup tab. Click Open Task Manager, right-click and disable each Non-Microsoft startup item. (Excluding your antivirus entry)
7. Click OK and reboot.

Perform Registry Tweaks

Registry data retrieval process must be speedy and quick. Otherwise programs take longer time to load their configurations and that’s why Windows 8 hangs.

Below are outlined several Registry tweaks that might help diagnosing the problem. Use Registry Editor program to modify Registry configurations.

1. Click the Start Screen.
2. The Start Screen appears. Click to focus on the Search box located on the right hand side.
3. Type “regedit” (without quotes) in the Search Box, click the Apps icon.
4. Registry Editor opens.
5. Locate following path:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Control Panel | Mouse
6. Set MouseHoverTime= 70
7. Locate following path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SYSTEM | CurrentControlSet | Control
8. Set WaitToKillServiceTimeout= 120
9. Close Registry Editor and reboot.

Perform Registry CleanUp

Registry CleanUp is a process of targeting bad entries and misleading Registry data. A Registry
Cleaner program would help you identify and diagnose Registry problems. Windows 8 hangs because of such Registry errors.

1. Download RegInOut System Utilities.
2. Install and run the program.
3. Under “Registry Repair” section click the “Start” button.
4. A list of errors shall appear. Click “Fix Errors” button to repair these errors.

Utilize Space of External Hard Disk/ USB Drive

ReadyBoost feature of Windows 8 speeds up system by utilizing available space of external Hard Disk/ USB drive. Almost all or a specific portion of the device is used for optimal performance. This resolves Windows 8 hangs.

1. Connect an External Hard Disk/ USB Drive.
2. Double click My Computer desktop icon.
3. Right click concerning drive that you just connected.
4. Select Properties.
5. Properties dialog opens.
6. Click the ReadyBoost tab.
7. If you would like to use entire drive space, select “Dedicate this drive to ReadyBoost”. If you would like to use only some portion of the drive space, select “Use this device” and use the slider to decide that portion.
8. Click Apply | OK.

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