Monday, March 11, 2013

Error Loading Tweets in iOS

You may encounter error loading tweets while using Twitter on iOS. Twitter may reproduce different errors such as trouble sending tweets having an image. If you are experiencing problems accessing Twitter for iOS integration, follow the resolution steps given in this article.

·         Login again after removing Twitter A/c from App
·         Uninstall and Reinstall Twitter App
·         Reset Password
·         Clear the Device Cache
·         Verify Time Zone settings

Login again after removing Twitter account from App

First of all turn off your device and turn it on again. If turning on your device didn’t work for you, you should remove and re-add your Twitter account to the installed app. Check the version of iOS and remove your account as shown below:

1.      Tap into your device. Select System Settings | Twitter.
2.      Now tap on account that you want to remove.
3.      Tap on Delete Account.
4.      After deleting your account add your account back to app.
5.      Open Twitter. Tap Sign In.
6.      Type valid username and password in the field and tap “Log-In” button.

Uninstall and Reinstall Twitter App

The Twitter App could have problem itself. Uninstall and reinstall the Twitter App in order to fix Error Loading Tweets problem. Here’s how to do that:

1.      Press and hold on Twitter for iPhone app icon from your home screen.
2.      An X will appear on corner. Tap X on top left corner.
3.      Tap Delete once your device asks you to confirm your decision.
4.      After taping Delete, app would disappear from your phone/
5.      After deleting twitter app, go to TWITTER.COM/#!/DOWNLOAD/iPHONE
6.      Search for Twitter app from App Store. Tap Install.

Reset Twitter Password

You could have a password related problem as well. For example: The password you entered could be invalid and so on. Reset Twitter password. Go through the steps given below:

1.      Make sure your mobile is with you. (The mobile you used for password reset option)
2.      Select Sign-in from welcome page and tap to Forget Password.
3.      Type your username or email address for which you are trying to reset password. You’ll receive password reset code directly on your phone.

Clear the Device Cache

Clearing cache of device is another way to resolve error loading tweets. Follow the instructions given below to clear the cache of device.

1.      On your iPhone tap the Settings app.
2.      In the list of applications tap Safari.
3.      Select Clear History, Clear Cookies and Data after scrolling down.
4.      Turn off and turn on your device.

Verify Timezone Settings

You could have incorrect Time Zone Settings. Incorrect timezone settings can cause various issues such as invalid username and password or un-authorization.

Verify that your Twitter Client is properly configured. Verify the Time Zone settings. Do the steps given below:

1.      On your iPhone tap the Settings App | General.
2.      From General select Date and Time.
3.      Check if apply automatic timezone settings option is enabled. If this option is applied but incorrect timezone is selected, please disable it and change the time zone. Save your settings and exit.

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