Monday, March 25, 2013

About PS Error 8002a203

PlayStation users receive error 8002a203 whenever they sign in to their account. The main account sign-in process succeeds but the other accounts fail.

1. Check at a later time
2. Verify IP Address
3. Verify PlayStation Network Settings
4. Connect PS3 Directly to your Modem
5. Contact ISP to Diagnose Network Issues

Check at a Later Time

Do sign in at a later time. The PSN Servers on the other side might be busy or under maintenance. Prescheduled maintenance of servers can be the issue here. Generally the maintenance time is 8 AM – 8 PM (actual time may vary).

Verify IP Address

Check your Internet Protocol Address. If you can surf the Internet but have problem logging in to your PSN accounts, it can be a problem with the Internet settings. It’s time to verify and change your IP Address.
Do following steps on a computer to which your PlayStation is connected. Here is how to deal with error 8002a203:
1. Click the Start button.
2. Point to All Programs | Accessories.
3. Right click Command Prompt, select Run as Administrator.
4. Type following command-
5. Enter your default gateway IP Address.
6. Enter your Subnet Mask.
7. Enter your Static IP Address.
8. Close Command Prompt.
Verify PlayStation Network Settings
Verify and correct PlayStation Network Settings. This shall fix error 8002a203.
1. Go to Settings | Network Settings | Internet Connection.
2. Make sure your Internet connection is enabled.
3. If you’re using a wired Internet connection, please select “Wired connection” option from the Settings page. Otherwise select the “Wireless Connection” option.
4. Select Custom.
5. Select Auto Detect option for the Ethernet Operation Mode.
6. Select Manual option for IP Address Settings. Re-verify IP Address.
7. Select Manual option for DNS Settings. Re-verify DNS Servers.
8. Select Automatic option for the MTU.
9. Enable UPnP feature.
10. Enable DMZ Host feature.
11. Enter DMZ IP Address.
12. Enable Schedule.
13. Click on the Save Settings button.
Connect PS3 Directly to your Modem
Error 8002a203 occurs due to modem related problem. Connect your PlayStation directly to the modem. It will fix your problem.
Contact ISP to Diagnose Network Issues

If none of the above solutions helped, there can be Internet connection problem. This problem can be solved from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) side only. Contact your ISP to diagnose the same.

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