Monday, February 11, 2013

Why File Encryption is Necessary

File encryption deals with protection of sensitive data stored on hard disk and transferred over the internet. It aims to secure your data against cyber attacks. ChiperPost is one such email encryption service that is used by individuals and businesses to protect confidential information.

ChipsetPost is helpful for businesses that want to send confidential information to a number of recipients for example: contractors, partners and clients. This information is sent to wide range of recipients and needs secure transmission. Chiperset is an easy and secure service because AppRiver is taking responsibility of data security.

Password Protect your Information

It is very important to password protect and encrypt information that you sent via email. Due to increasing concern over internet security, it has become important to protect your emails from email spoofing, hackers and cyber thefts. In some cases the company has to follow cyber laws applicable to the State. The information has to be protected. You might need to protect your file with password and inform the party with another media or via telephone. Industries such as Healthcare which follow HIPAA regulations may have to password protect their data according to the laws applicable.

Secure your Emails

When a normal email is sent, it first delivers to a particular email server and then it reaches to the email recipient. There is thus risk of data theft, disclosure of information as the information is temporarily stored on insecure servers. The solution is to encrypt your email to ensure maximum security.

How does ChipperPost Pro Works?

Use Appriver service to protect your emails. Browse Appriver corporate website and sign up for an account. They would provide you walk through to admin platform which has full access over email security. The administrator of the account can manage users, allocate bandwidth and can set policy whether email message could be saved locally or not. But the administrators have only access to system configuration & settings but not on individual files and messages.

Different Ways to Receive Secure Emails with ChipherPost Pro

ChipherPost Pro lets you receive your emails in Microsoft Office Outlook or read them from your web browser. You can also check message in AppRiver’s webmail interface. The interface of ChipherPost Pro is very similar to other webmail service. Interface has folder on the left hand that organizes messages. Additional options are placed on the right side of the interface. When you click on the message, it displays content.

Email Sending in ChipherPost Pro

Just click on compose mail to write any new message. Before transmission the interface of the ChipherPost pro would take care of encryption itself. You would a user tab which represents list of all authorized users. Additionally it has Files tab which shows attachments.  

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