Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PC Lock Review 2013

An antivirus software is not enough to protect your data. It only guards operating system files and Registry information. It does not provide any means to encrypt your sensitive data.

Un-encrypted data is at higher risk of data theft than a well-encrypted data. Laplink PC Lock is all about securing your data from thieves and hackers. It protects your sensitive data and keeps all documents safe and secure. It uses upgraded technology to reduce the chances of stealing your data. Apparently it saves your organization from financial loss, privacy & identity theft and improves business reputation.

Why Laplink PC Lock?

This is an interesting question. Many people ask if Windows is providing built-in BitLocker Data Encryption, why is there need to use a third-party encryption software?

Well, BitLocker Data Encryption is available with only Enterprise and Ultimate Editions of Windows. If you’re using Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium or Professional editions, you do not have this feature. The only way to avail this feature is to purchase Enterprise/ Ultimate editions which are costly. Furthermore it takes more time during installation and data backups.

Following are outlined the key features of PC Lock software:

1. Background Encryption: Background Encryption is a silent encryption of your files. The encryption process is carried in invisible mode.

2. Doesn’t Affect Computer Performance: Unlike other software it doesn’t affect computer speed while encrypting your data.

3. Military-Grade 256 Bit AES Encryption: It provides high security encryption- Military-Grade 256 Bit Advanced Encryption Standard Encryption. This encryption is enough to protect your data against thieves and hackers.

4. Web-based Protection: The Web-based Protection is known as Cloud Protection. It is an advanced technology used to store application settings and passwords online.

5.  Easily Reset your Password and Delete Data: The web-based protection allows you to reset the password easily and delete unneeded data.

6. Prevents Unauthorized Access to your Files: It prevents unauthorized access to your files. You need not to worry if your laptop is stolen.

7. Extra Protection Layer: It provides an extra security layer. It is compatible with your computer security protection.

8. User Friendly Appearance and Quick Installation: PC Lock has a user friendly appearance. The step-by-step wizard walks you through simple and quick file encryption and program installation wizard.

In short, it provides a powerful encryption that not only protects your data but also prevents uncertainties. Hackers will never able to steal your private and confidential information.

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