Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Methodology for Data Encryption in your PC

Data Encryption is encoding of information so that hackers/ thieves/ cyber criminals cannot read the encoded information. An encryption algorithm is used to make the content unreadable; except for the authorized people. An Encryption Key specifies how the message is to be encoded. An authorized person can decrypt the data using the valid Decryption Key.

So far as computer security is concerned, an antivirus software is not enough. Sensitive data on your hard disk is at risk--thieves can steal laptop and get access to sensitive information, computer malware, Trojans can steal confidential information, and so on. This is where the need of data encryption arises. Data Encryption is an advanced data protection technology used in modern business enterprises.

How does Data Encryption Works?

Basically Data Encryption is carried out using data encryption programs such as Laplink PC Lock. It provides a simple and easy to use wizard which you have to follow. Select the files you would like to encrypt, select encryption algorithm and provide other necessary information. You’re done.

Laplink PC Lock- A Sophisticated Data Encryption Software

PC Lock is a sophisticated data encryption software. It provides powerful data encryption to secure your data against physical thieves/ hackers/ cyber criminals.

It ensures your sensitive data is inaccessible to unauthorized people. It provides extra security layer which is compatible with the security software. Even if your laptop is stolen by theft, PC Lock denies unauthorized access to your data using the best encryption technology provided in the world.

Another feature that makes PC Lock unique is Cloud Protection. It simply stores your passwords and settings online so that it becomes simple for you to change them at anytime, anywhere. It provides Military-Grade 256 Bit AES Encryption which is considered as a higher-level encryption algorithm. It encrypts the files and adds a number of features out of which some are administered via particular web portal.

An interesting thing is that it doesn’t affect computer performance unlike other data encryption software. You do not observe slowed speed during data encryption process. The encryption process is performed in a hidden mode (background mode) so that it doesn’t interrupt you in your work.

As default, only documents, spreadsheets, databases are selected for encryption. However you may add other file types such as JPEG, TXT, PDF, HTML and so on. There are no file type restrictions. You may encrypt any type of file.

PC Lock requires you to enter your password and answer two security questions while you log-in to it. During file encryption you may make new values for the failed login attempts. For example after 7 failed attempts the user (probably the person who steals your laptop) will be warned, after 10 attempts local access will be completely denied to him. Hence you can at any time log-in to your Web Portal and disable access to these files or simply delete them.

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