Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MAC Error -8084 Solved -- Solution Steps Available

Error 8084 is a file copy error. It appears when you’re copying files from one location to another. The file copying process aborts with the following error message:

The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error -8084)”

1. Erase Free Space
2. Set the Files to Everyone
3. Verify the Disk
4. Unlock the File
5. Modify Permissions

Erase Free Space

Mac lets you erase the free space in order to solve file copying errors. Use the Disk Utility to erase the free space. This shall fix error -8084.

1. Click Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility.
2. Click the Erase Free Space button.

Set the Files to Everyone

Set the file status to everyone. Select the root folder and change file properties to all the enclosed items and sub folders. This will fix Mac error -8084.

1. Select the parent folder. Click Folder menu| Get Info.
2. Set the files to everyone.
3. Select Apply to enclosed items.
4. Click OK.

Verify the Disk

You might need to verify the disk drive. Follow the steps given below to verify disk and fix error -8084.

1. Click Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility.
2. Select the disk where the files were stored.
3. Click the Verify Disk button.

Unlock the File

The file which failed to copy should be unlocked first. Use the Terminal program to unlock the file and fix Mac error code -8084.

1. Click Applications | Utilities | Terminal.
2. Type following command-
sudo chflags –R nouchg
(Please do recognize a single space given before the word “sudo”)
3. Drag the parent folder that you would like to unlock. (Parent folder is the folder that contains files which failed to copy)
4. Press Return.
5. If Mac prompts your password, please enter it. Press Return.

Modify Permissions

Change the drive permissions. Provide administrative privileges required to repair -8084 error in MAC. Here are the steps for you:

1. Launch the Finder and right click Hard Disk icon, choose Get Info option.
2. In the Macintosh HD screen click your hard disk (at the left hand side). Click Repair Disk Permissions button. The disk permissions repair process shall start automatically. Mac will never show the said error message.

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  1. Usually there is no need for a tool: just follow these instructions. Also remember, that files can become corrupted!


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