Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lock My PC

Lock my PC is powerful tool to help you protect your system from unauthorized use. This tool further helps you disabling hot keys including CTRL + ALT + DEL when you leave your computer unattended. It also disables your DVD ROM and mouse, only a Window appears where you have to enter password. Lock Window won’t let you enter into PC unless you provide correct unlock password.

Lock my PC is an advanced tool that uses keyboard driver to block keyboard combination. If you have enabled this software on your system, no one can access it even in Safe Mode. Furthermore you can bypass this lock screen Window by inserting correct password. It provides you an option to lock your system with auto lock or hotkey. This tool provides some of the best features and benefits.

Benefits and Features of Lock my PC:
·         Powerful hotkeys lock
·         Disables mouse lock and CTRL + ALT + DEL
·         Startup and auto lock when your machine is unattended
·         Disables DVD
·         Offers multiuser and multi-monitor support
·         Compatible with Windows XP x64
·         Reduces the chances to bypass lock screen
·         Custom and cycling lock screen images
·         Transparent Lock Screen—enables you to watch videos under lock screen
·         Command line options and much more…

Windows XP has built-in lock option that locks Windows screen through Winkey+L. The major drawback of integrated lock screen is that anyone having admin rights can access your system. It further disables your session. In some machines, welcome screen is enabled which stops Winkey + L. In that case your active user is switched off and only welcome screen appears. Your machine can be accessed on a network even integrated logon is enabled.

Lock my PC enables you to use your machine as presentation device. As, the tool provides you an option to play videos behind lock screen Window through transparency lock screen option. It further locks your screen before logon Window. Tool has functionality to show archive of unsuccessful attempts. If you left your system unattended, you can see how many times one has attempted to unlock your system. On shared network where your system is attached to other systems, no one can access it even having administrative privileges.

Lock my PC is user friendly safe and secure software that uses reliable locking mechanism to prevent system from unauthorized use. The installation of software goes smooth and you can open it just by double-clicking on software icon. Just like integrated lock screen, you can manually set in this tool to lock your desktop if system is idle for certain period of time.

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