Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fix Mac Error 8062

Mac error 8062 normally occurs when you attempt to backup time machine or transferring files to an external drive. In some circumstances you are unable to trash anything.

This article is complete workaround to resolve Mac error code 8062.

Resolution Steps

·         Restart your system
·         Use Disk Repair Utility
·         Unlock Files and Folders before Removing
·         Reset Permissions
·         Reformat Hard disk

Restart your system

Mac error 8062 can be fixed by restarting your system. Follow the instructions given below to reboot MAC OS X.

1.       Select Restart through Apple’s Menu
2.       Confirm by clicking on Yes
3.       Now start transferring files without any error

Use Disk Repair Utility

Disk Repair is built-in utility that helps resolving 8062. Follow the instructions given below to use Disk Repair Utility.

1.       Insert Installation disk and reset your unit
2.       Press and hold C key through keypad during reboot
3.       Now select Disk Utility from the installer menu on screen
4.       In the Disk Utility select First Aid
5.       Select Disk Volume
6.       Click on Repair
7.       Done

Unlock Files and Folders before Removing or Transferring

MAC Error 8062 can be fixed by unlocking through files and folders which are locked. Before you attempt to remove or transfer those files/folders, you need to unlock those folders/files. Follow the instructions given below to unlock files and folders.

1.       Select the file or folder that you want to trash or move
2.       Click on File menu and select Get Info
3.       Now unmark Locked Box
4.       Try moving file/folder

Reset Permissions

Another way to resolve Mac error 8062 is to reset ACLs and Permissions on parent directory. Reset permissions by applying instructions given below.

1.       Restart your unit | Press and Hold C key through keypad
2.       Click on Repair Utility during reboot
3.       Select terminal from utilities | Type in “resetpassword” without quotes and press Enter
4.       Select the HD volume | Select the Account
5.       Now click on Reset Home Directory Permissions ACLs
6.       Wait for few moments
7.       Restart your system

Reformat Hard Disk

You need to have installation disk in order to format internal system disk. Re-formatting internal system hard disk would help resolving error 8062. Follow the instructions given below to reformat hard disk.

1.       Close all active programs on MAC
2.       Insert Mac installation disk and hold C key while re-booting
3.       Now double-click on install MAC OS X
4.       Save existing settings and files and start installing | OR only select Network settings and Preserve Users
5.       Now select Erase and Install
6.       Follow the instructions to reformat
7.       You are done

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