Thursday, February 7, 2013

Error Code 50

Mac OS shows error code 50 when you try copying files from remote disk to your hard disk. The file operation automatically stops even you are logged as root user. This unexpected error prevents you copying data. This article outlines some helpful resolutions to fix error code 50.

  • Use CP Command to Overwrite Files
  • Change File Security Permissions
  • Change Power Adapter Settings
  • Remove Unsupported Characters from File Name
  • Reduce the File Size

Use CP Command to Overwrite Files

CP command is used to overwrite files without showing any warning messages. Execute it to fix error code 50 in Mac. Check whether that particular directory contains files with the same name that you’re copying. Rename them before you execute this command. Follow the instructions given below to overwrite files without warning:

1. Click on Applications | GOTO Utilities
2. Select Terminal
3. In the terminal, type “cp –R ” without quotes. (Yes there is Space after command)
4. From the Finder, drag the file/folder you wanted to move | Drop the folder in Terminal Window
5. You can automatically see name and path of dragged file in Terminal Window.
6. Now drag destination file/folder from Finder to Terminal
7. Return | Quit from Terminal Window
8. You are done

Change File Security Permissions

File Security permissions affects file copy/ move operations. Alter the file security permissions in the following manner to fix error code 50. There is a possibility that the destination file does not have enough write permissions for overwriting. Open Get Info dialog and verify the file permissions.

1. Right-click on Targeted folder
2. Now press Command + i
3. Now click on Sharing and Permissions
4. Allow Read and Write Permissions

Change Power Adapter Settings

Follow the instructions given below to change power adapter settings in order to fix error code 50.

1. Open web browser | Download latest version of Firmware
2. Install downloaded fireware on external drive | Now launch DiskUtility
3. Now Set Apple Partition Map to Guide partition table
4. GOTO System Preferences | Click on Energy Saver
5. Enable check i) Put the hard disk to sleep when possible Under Battery and Power Adapter
6. Finally Save your settings

Remove Unsupported Characters from File Name

Error code 50 may occur if the target file contains unsupported characters. Edit file name and remove those unsupported characters. Examples of unsupported characters are ( */?\:@#$%^ )

Reduce the File Size

Mac shows error code 50 if the file you’re copying is too large. Make sure that file size is not large. Use file zip utilities to reduce file size.

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  1. Hi there

    I am facing problem in copying .avi files larger than 1.5GB from mybooklive device to macbook pro partition. Rest i am able to copy each and every file regardless of size. Any suggestion?


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