Friday, February 8, 2013

Cydia NetDB Error Fix Revealed

Cydia is a software application for iPhone, iPad & iPod devices. It allows iOS users to download software packages to their iOS jailbroken.

Cydia NetDB error occurs when iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users try to download something on their Apple device. There are lots of complains over the internet about this error.

In this article you will learn how to resolve Cydia NetDB error. Follow the solution given below to resolve your problem.


1.       Wait till the server becomes free
2.       Restore iOS device
3.       Delete content in cydia.list folder
4.       Delete metadata.plist file
5.       Reboot your Apple device

Wait till the Server Becomes Free

In order to resolve Cydia NetDB error first thing to check is whether the server is busy or not. A busy server means the server receives lots of download requests simultaneously. This could be the reason behind this error message. Hence heck back after a few hours.

Restore iOS Device

You are required to restore iOS device because restoring iOS device can fix Cydia NetDB error. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

·         Connect your Apple device to your computer
·         Select your Apple device when it appear in iTunes
·         You will see two buttons “Check for updates” and “Restore <device>”
·         Click the Restore button
·         You will see a “Slide to setup” when your iOS device restore starts
·         Follow the steps given in iOS setup assistant

Delete Content in cydia.list Folder

Cydia NetDB error can occur because of corrupt or missing content in cydia.list folder. You are required to delete all the content in this folder. Follow the procedure given below to delete the content:

·         Switch on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
·         Open iFile, iFunBox or Mobile Terminal from your device
·         Now go to the following path to access the folder:
     \private\etc\aptsources.list.d\cydia.list (folder)
·         Delete all content in the folder.
·         Hopefully  this tweak has resolved the problem.

Delete metadata.plist file

Cydia NetDB error occurs because of bad URLs in metadata.plist file. You are required to delete metadata.plist file to deal with all the bad URLs. Follow the instructions given below to do so:

·         Switch on your Apple device
·         Go to the following path:
\private\var\lib\cydia\metadata.plist (file)
·         Delete metadata.plist file
·         Hopefully this tweak has resolved the problem for you

Reboot your Apple device

All the changes you have made by applying above mentioned tweaks could be functional after rebooting your Apple device. So reboot your Apple device to make the changes effective and to resolve Cydia NetDB error.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

·         Press and hold sleep/wake button until red slider appears
·         Now drag your finger from slider and your device will be turnoff after few minutes
·          Again press and hold sleep/wake button until Apple logo appears
·         You have rebooted your Apple device

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