Monday, February 25, 2013

CleanMyMac 2 Review

CleanMyMac 2 is aimed to maintain Mac performance. It cleans out hard disk and optimizes Mac performance. It recovers a large portion of hard disk. It free-ups a large portion of hard disk occupied by temporary files. It cleans cache contents and temporary folders. It lets you uninstall programs you no longer use.

The improved version of CleanMyMac 2 searches multiple drives and folders for temporary files. It searches for temporarily created application files, caches loaded by web browsers, installer files and so on. It then gives a recommendation of files that can be deleted.

In addition to cleaning files and folders it gives a list of programs that can be uninstalled. It lets
you uninstall the programs you haven’t used so long. It uninstalls unneeded programs and their associated files.

It cleans up unneeded files and programs. It promises to noticeably improve Mac performance. It starts Mac with default settings, wipes off hard disk. It shows old and large sized files that might be not be useful. It provides simple Wipe-Out Trash folder option so files from the Trash folder are deleted instantly. It also targets photo application of Apple software. This is because the photo application software usually has a large number of duplicate photos- both new and old copies of the photos.

An interesting feature CleanMyMac 2 includes is Paranoia Mode. When you clean files with this mode, they’re overwritten with some random text. It end results in no hope of deleted file recovery. It is more of privacy feature. It prevents recovery of deleted file especially if you’re selling your Mac computer. It ensures that files are gone forever and it’s a nice thing to do for one’s privacy.

There are three other features- Uninstaller, Extensions Manager and Eraser. The Uninstaller feature uninstalls installed applications that you no longer use. The Extensions Manager feature is very useful to manage different file types, file extensions and so on. The Eraser feature provides a quick search to locate and delete files from your hard disk. It is faster than Finder. Delete any files located anywhere using this tab.

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