Wednesday, February 27, 2013

About Evasi0n iOS 6.1

Apple has released new iOS 6.1 update for iPad, iPad touch and iPhone devices. This update is meant to deliver new features to Apple’s devices and one of the biggest update for iOS 6 operating system.  Lets take a look on functionality of the update on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 6.1 on iPhone

This update has brought new useful features to iOS such as Siri and Movies, Apple Maps, Music Controls and Lock Screen, Wi-Fi Connectivity and bunch of new things.  Let’s start with Movies: Siri has made ticket purchase extremely slim. Finding movies and pick the one of your choice  and to get ticket through Fandango is very simple. Siri and Movies would only work if you already have installed Fandango application.

Apple Maps have been improved in this new update, to report a problem is very prominent at right corner. In addition to Apple Maps, the newly style lock screen is embedded in this update which could be source of attention for audience. iOS 6 has cut down the time to flip another chapter or change the song.  The Wi-Fi connectivity is strong and stable. One among other problems Apple users were facing before was battery life. After installing new update, bunch of people have complained about battery down issue. However, if you have problem with iPhone 5 battery—get tips from forum thread.

iPhone 5 users were constantly complaining about random reboots. The device occasionally reboots but its not the huge problem as it returns to normal in 6 to 8 seconds. Almost all applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Mail and Google Chrome on device after installing iOS 6.1 works perfectly.  The new update is safe to install with best feature lock screen and controls in current upgrade.  

iOS 6.1 on iPad

iOS 6.1 works perfectly on iPad with some issues in connectivity and random reboots. Device works fine but sometimes you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi network but this problem is not as frequent as in iPhone 5. The update on iPad is 76 MB which is less than iPhone 5 which consumes 107 MB of your memory after downloading.  Due to smaller size the installation goes smooth without having any issues. Let’s take a look on new features of upgrade on iPad.

The new upgrade iOS 6.1 is feature rich with amazing features such as Lock Screen Music Controls. If you are fan of music, you would love this update because it provides an easier way to flip inside audio book and songs. The new buttons are more prominent and outstretched in new update. Apple Maps is another interesting feature for 3D mode or to check directions when you are on drive. Just like in iPhone 5, the new reporting a problem button is excellent addition to the Maps.  One major feature that could help iPad owners is the access to use Siri for ordering tickets. Purchasing movie ticket is very simple, if you already have installed Fandango on your device. In fact you can use Siri interface to purchase movie tickets.

You may not encounter some major instability in Wi-Fi networks; however, app crashing could happen on iPad after update. The battery life using iPad after installing iOS 6.1 is fine. So, there are no major bugs in upgrade. Users can freely use iOS 6.1 on iPhone5 and iPad devices.

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