Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fix Mac Error 8062

Mac error 8062 normally occurs when you attempt to backup time machine or transferring files to an external drive. In some circumstances you are unable to trash anything.

This article is complete workaround to resolve Mac error code 8062.

Resolution Steps

·         Restart your system
·         Use Disk Repair Utility
·         Unlock Files and Folders before Removing
·         Reset Permissions
·         Reformat Hard disk

Restart your system

Mac error 8062 can be fixed by restarting your system. Follow the instructions given below to reboot MAC OS X.

1.       Select Restart through Apple’s Menu
2.       Confirm by clicking on Yes
3.       Now start transferring files without any error

Use Disk Repair Utility

Disk Repair is built-in utility that helps resolving 8062. Follow the instructions given below to use Disk Repair Utility.

1.       Insert Installation disk and reset your unit
2.       Press and hold C key through keypad during reboot
3.       Now select Disk Utility from the installer menu on screen
4.       In the Disk Utility select First Aid
5.       Select Disk Volume
6.       Click on Repair
7.       Done

Unlock Files and Folders before Removing or Transferring

MAC Error 8062 can be fixed by unlocking through files and folders which are locked. Before you attempt to remove or transfer those files/folders, you need to unlock those folders/files. Follow the instructions given below to unlock files and folders.

1.       Select the file or folder that you want to trash or move
2.       Click on File menu and select Get Info
3.       Now unmark Locked Box
4.       Try moving file/folder

Reset Permissions

Another way to resolve Mac error 8062 is to reset ACLs and Permissions on parent directory. Reset permissions by applying instructions given below.

1.       Restart your unit | Press and Hold C key through keypad
2.       Click on Repair Utility during reboot
3.       Select terminal from utilities | Type in “resetpassword” without quotes and press Enter
4.       Select the HD volume | Select the Account
5.       Now click on Reset Home Directory Permissions ACLs
6.       Wait for few moments
7.       Restart your system

Reformat Hard Disk

You need to have installation disk in order to format internal system disk. Re-formatting internal system hard disk would help resolving error 8062. Follow the instructions given below to reformat hard disk.

1.       Close all active programs on MAC
2.       Insert Mac installation disk and hold C key while re-booting
3.       Now double-click on install MAC OS X
4.       Save existing settings and files and start installing | OR only select Network settings and Preserve Users
5.       Now select Erase and Install
6.       Follow the instructions to reformat
7.       You are done

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MAC Error -8084 Solved -- Solution Steps Available

Error 8084 is a file copy error. It appears when you’re copying files from one location to another. The file copying process aborts with the following error message:

The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error -8084)”

1. Erase Free Space
2. Set the Files to Everyone
3. Verify the Disk
4. Unlock the File
5. Modify Permissions

Erase Free Space

Mac lets you erase the free space in order to solve file copying errors. Use the Disk Utility to erase the free space. This shall fix error -8084.

1. Click Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility.
2. Click the Erase Free Space button.

Set the Files to Everyone

Set the file status to everyone. Select the root folder and change file properties to all the enclosed items and sub folders. This will fix Mac error -8084.

1. Select the parent folder. Click Folder menu| Get Info.
2. Set the files to everyone.
3. Select Apply to enclosed items.
4. Click OK.

Verify the Disk

You might need to verify the disk drive. Follow the steps given below to verify disk and fix error -8084.

1. Click Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility.
2. Select the disk where the files were stored.
3. Click the Verify Disk button.

Unlock the File

The file which failed to copy should be unlocked first. Use the Terminal program to unlock the file and fix Mac error code -8084.

1. Click Applications | Utilities | Terminal.
2. Type following command-
sudo chflags –R nouchg
(Please do recognize a single space given before the word “sudo”)
3. Drag the parent folder that you would like to unlock. (Parent folder is the folder that contains files which failed to copy)
4. Press Return.
5. If Mac prompts your password, please enter it. Press Return.

Modify Permissions

Change the drive permissions. Provide administrative privileges required to repair -8084 error in MAC. Here are the steps for you:

1. Launch the Finder and right click Hard Disk icon, choose Get Info option.
2. In the Macintosh HD screen click your hard disk (at the left hand side). Click Repair Disk Permissions button. The disk permissions repair process shall start automatically. Mac will never show the said error message.

About Evasi0n iOS 6.1

Apple has released new iOS 6.1 update for iPad, iPad touch and iPhone devices. This update is meant to deliver new features to Apple’s devices and one of the biggest update for iOS 6 operating system.  Lets take a look on functionality of the update on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 6.1 on iPhone

This update has brought new useful features to iOS such as Siri and Movies, Apple Maps, Music Controls and Lock Screen, Wi-Fi Connectivity and bunch of new things.  Let’s start with Movies: Siri has made ticket purchase extremely slim. Finding movies and pick the one of your choice  and to get ticket through Fandango is very simple. Siri and Movies would only work if you already have installed Fandango application.

Apple Maps have been improved in this new update, to report a problem is very prominent at right corner. In addition to Apple Maps, the newly style lock screen is embedded in this update which could be source of attention for audience. iOS 6 has cut down the time to flip another chapter or change the song.  The Wi-Fi connectivity is strong and stable. One among other problems Apple users were facing before was battery life. After installing new update, bunch of people have complained about battery down issue. However, if you have problem with iPhone 5 battery—get tips from forum thread.

iPhone 5 users were constantly complaining about random reboots. The device occasionally reboots but its not the huge problem as it returns to normal in 6 to 8 seconds. Almost all applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Mail and Google Chrome on device after installing iOS 6.1 works perfectly.  The new update is safe to install with best feature lock screen and controls in current upgrade.  

iOS 6.1 on iPad

iOS 6.1 works perfectly on iPad with some issues in connectivity and random reboots. Device works fine but sometimes you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi network but this problem is not as frequent as in iPhone 5. The update on iPad is 76 MB which is less than iPhone 5 which consumes 107 MB of your memory after downloading.  Due to smaller size the installation goes smooth without having any issues. Let’s take a look on new features of upgrade on iPad.

The new upgrade iOS 6.1 is feature rich with amazing features such as Lock Screen Music Controls. If you are fan of music, you would love this update because it provides an easier way to flip inside audio book and songs. The new buttons are more prominent and outstretched in new update. Apple Maps is another interesting feature for 3D mode or to check directions when you are on drive. Just like in iPhone 5, the new reporting a problem button is excellent addition to the Maps.  One major feature that could help iPad owners is the access to use Siri for ordering tickets. Purchasing movie ticket is very simple, if you already have installed Fandango on your device. In fact you can use Siri interface to purchase movie tickets.

You may not encounter some major instability in Wi-Fi networks; however, app crashing could happen on iPad after update. The battery life using iPad after installing iOS 6.1 is fine. So, there are no major bugs in upgrade. Users can freely use iOS 6.1 on iPhone5 and iPad devices.

Monday, February 25, 2013

CleanMyMac 2 Review

CleanMyMac 2 is aimed to maintain Mac performance. It cleans out hard disk and optimizes Mac performance. It recovers a large portion of hard disk. It free-ups a large portion of hard disk occupied by temporary files. It cleans cache contents and temporary folders. It lets you uninstall programs you no longer use.

The improved version of CleanMyMac 2 searches multiple drives and folders for temporary files. It searches for temporarily created application files, caches loaded by web browsers, installer files and so on. It then gives a recommendation of files that can be deleted.

In addition to cleaning files and folders it gives a list of programs that can be uninstalled. It lets
you uninstall the programs you haven’t used so long. It uninstalls unneeded programs and their associated files.

It cleans up unneeded files and programs. It promises to noticeably improve Mac performance. It starts Mac with default settings, wipes off hard disk. It shows old and large sized files that might be not be useful. It provides simple Wipe-Out Trash folder option so files from the Trash folder are deleted instantly. It also targets photo application of Apple software. This is because the photo application software usually has a large number of duplicate photos- both new and old copies of the photos.

An interesting feature CleanMyMac 2 includes is Paranoia Mode. When you clean files with this mode, they’re overwritten with some random text. It end results in no hope of deleted file recovery. It is more of privacy feature. It prevents recovery of deleted file especially if you’re selling your Mac computer. It ensures that files are gone forever and it’s a nice thing to do for one’s privacy.

There are three other features- Uninstaller, Extensions Manager and Eraser. The Uninstaller feature uninstalls installed applications that you no longer use. The Extensions Manager feature is very useful to manage different file types, file extensions and so on. The Eraser feature provides a quick search to locate and delete files from your hard disk. It is faster than Finder. Delete any files located anywhere using this tab.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good News for Gamers: NVIDIA Introduces Super Computer Class Graphic Card – GeForce GTX TITAN

On February 19, 2013 the leading Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) manufacturer NVIDIA unleashed news that it is going to introduce supercomputer class Graphic Card GeForce GTX TITAN. NVIDIA further reveals that this new graphic card will be available in market on February 25, 2013 with an expected starting price – $999 USD.

The manufacturer claims that this will be the number one graphic card on the planet earth which will render fastest gaming performance on PCs.

The GeForce GTX TITAN will give maximum visual settings to the gamers so that they can play any game without meltdown apprehension. In addition, GeForce GTX TITAN is perfect Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) for small form-factor gaming PCs due to its advanced thermal and acoustic characteristics.

Falcon Northwest’s CEO Kelt Reeves said on this event “GeForce GTX TITAN will allow us to create the nearly-impossible product our customers have wanted for years: a ridiculously fast, tiny system that you barely know is running.”

Why GeForce GTX TITAN is exceptional?

·         GeForce GTX TITAN has 7 billion transistors.
·         It contains 2,668 GPU cores (75% more than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 GPU).
·         It delivers 4.5 Teraflops of single precision and 1.3 Teraflops of double precision processing power.
·         The exceptional GeForce GTX TITAN support new GPU Boost 2.0 technology. It is the most advanced technology that automatically increases graphics performance. It also support unlocked voltage and advanced controls. This advanced technology provides more gaming control and overclocking customization.    
·         It can be conflated with additional GTX TITANs in SLI mode for more boosted performance.

GeForce GTX TITAN will be available from NVIDIA’s add-in card partners that include EVGA in North America and ASUS. Other partners outside US includes Galaxy, Gigabyte, MSI, INNO 3D, Zoltac and Palit.

It will also available in fully configured systems from system builders that include Falcon Northwest , Cyberpower, Digital Storm, V3 Gaming, Velocity Micro, IBUYPOWER, Geekbox, AVADirect, Origin PC, Puget Systems, Maingear and others.

Gamers are also overwhelmed for having that kind of Graphic technology that will not only boost optimize game’s speed but also give room to game player to play the game to an utmost extent.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Repair MAC Error Code -1407

You might not able to drag & drop, copy or move files in your Mac. You might also not be able to unlock some items. Mac OS shows Error Code 1407. In such a case, it becomes almost impossible to do the office work and use your computer. This article highlights the best ways to fix Mac Error Code 1407. Follow the steps outlined below:

1. Modify File Properties
2. Execute Given Command
3. Set Default Disk Mount Preferences
4. Locate Files using Terminal
5. Delete Apple Finder PList

Modify File Properties

The File Info dialog shows file details. It displays whether the file you tried to drag, copy or move is locked. If it is locked, please unlock it.

1. Select concerning file.
2. Click the File menu, select Get Info.
3. Uncheck the “Locked” box.
4. Click OK.

Execute Given Command

I have given a command below. Drag the concerning file in the Terminal Window before executing the command. Follow these guidelines to fix Error 1407 in your Mac.

1. Click Applications | Utilities.
2. Click Terminal.
3. Type following command-
sudo chflags –R nouchg
4. Drag the concerning folder in the Terminal window.
5. Press Return key.
6. If Mac prompts your password please provide it. Click Return again.

Set Default Disk Mount Preferences

Mac preferences are stored in files. Set the default disk mount preferences to fix Mac Error 1407.

1. Start Mac in single user mode.
2. Click Applications | Utilities.
3. Click Terminal.
4. Type following commands. Press Return key after each command.
cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
defaults write /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/autodiskmount AutomountDisksWithoutUserLogin -bool true
sh /etc/rc
find / -flags schg -exec chflags noschg {} \;
rm /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/autodiskmount.plist
5. Mac shall reboot automatically.

Locate Files using Terminal

Run a command given below and locate concerning file in the Terminal window. Here are the steps to fix 1407 error:

1. Click Applications | Utilities.
2. Click Terminal.
3. Type following command-
sudo chmod 775 /
4. Press Return.
5. Enter Admin Password, if any. Click Return again.
6. Click the Finder, move the problematic file in the desired location.
7. Type following command-
sudo chmod 1775 /
8. Press Return.

Delete Apple Finder PList

The Apple Finder PList file ( contains library preferences. If this file is corrupt, you’re likely to receive Error Code -1407. The solution is to delete this file so that system will re-create it.

1. Open Finder.
2. Hold down the “Option” key.
3. Click Go.
4. Click Library | Preferences.
5. Move the following file to the Trash:
6. Logout and login again. This shall fix Mac Error Code 1407.

PC Lock Review 2013

An antivirus software is not enough to protect your data. It only guards operating system files and Registry information. It does not provide any means to encrypt your sensitive data.

Un-encrypted data is at higher risk of data theft than a well-encrypted data. Laplink PC Lock is all about securing your data from thieves and hackers. It protects your sensitive data and keeps all documents safe and secure. It uses upgraded technology to reduce the chances of stealing your data. Apparently it saves your organization from financial loss, privacy & identity theft and improves business reputation.

Why Laplink PC Lock?

This is an interesting question. Many people ask if Windows is providing built-in BitLocker Data Encryption, why is there need to use a third-party encryption software?

Well, BitLocker Data Encryption is available with only Enterprise and Ultimate Editions of Windows. If you’re using Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium or Professional editions, you do not have this feature. The only way to avail this feature is to purchase Enterprise/ Ultimate editions which are costly. Furthermore it takes more time during installation and data backups.

Following are outlined the key features of PC Lock software:

1. Background Encryption: Background Encryption is a silent encryption of your files. The encryption process is carried in invisible mode.

2. Doesn’t Affect Computer Performance: Unlike other software it doesn’t affect computer speed while encrypting your data.

3. Military-Grade 256 Bit AES Encryption: It provides high security encryption- Military-Grade 256 Bit Advanced Encryption Standard Encryption. This encryption is enough to protect your data against thieves and hackers.

4. Web-based Protection: The Web-based Protection is known as Cloud Protection. It is an advanced technology used to store application settings and passwords online.

5.  Easily Reset your Password and Delete Data: The web-based protection allows you to reset the password easily and delete unneeded data.

6. Prevents Unauthorized Access to your Files: It prevents unauthorized access to your files. You need not to worry if your laptop is stolen.

7. Extra Protection Layer: It provides an extra security layer. It is compatible with your computer security protection.

8. User Friendly Appearance and Quick Installation: PC Lock has a user friendly appearance. The step-by-step wizard walks you through simple and quick file encryption and program installation wizard.

In short, it provides a powerful encryption that not only protects your data but also prevents uncertainties. Hackers will never able to steal your private and confidential information.

Methodology for Data Encryption in your PC

Data Encryption is encoding of information so that hackers/ thieves/ cyber criminals cannot read the encoded information. An encryption algorithm is used to make the content unreadable; except for the authorized people. An Encryption Key specifies how the message is to be encoded. An authorized person can decrypt the data using the valid Decryption Key.

So far as computer security is concerned, an antivirus software is not enough. Sensitive data on your hard disk is at risk--thieves can steal laptop and get access to sensitive information, computer malware, Trojans can steal confidential information, and so on. This is where the need of data encryption arises. Data Encryption is an advanced data protection technology used in modern business enterprises.

How does Data Encryption Works?

Basically Data Encryption is carried out using data encryption programs such as Laplink PC Lock. It provides a simple and easy to use wizard which you have to follow. Select the files you would like to encrypt, select encryption algorithm and provide other necessary information. You’re done.

Laplink PC Lock- A Sophisticated Data Encryption Software

PC Lock is a sophisticated data encryption software. It provides powerful data encryption to secure your data against physical thieves/ hackers/ cyber criminals.

It ensures your sensitive data is inaccessible to unauthorized people. It provides extra security layer which is compatible with the security software. Even if your laptop is stolen by theft, PC Lock denies unauthorized access to your data using the best encryption technology provided in the world.

Another feature that makes PC Lock unique is Cloud Protection. It simply stores your passwords and settings online so that it becomes simple for you to change them at anytime, anywhere. It provides Military-Grade 256 Bit AES Encryption which is considered as a higher-level encryption algorithm. It encrypts the files and adds a number of features out of which some are administered via particular web portal.

An interesting thing is that it doesn’t affect computer performance unlike other data encryption software. You do not observe slowed speed during data encryption process. The encryption process is performed in a hidden mode (background mode) so that it doesn’t interrupt you in your work.

As default, only documents, spreadsheets, databases are selected for encryption. However you may add other file types such as JPEG, TXT, PDF, HTML and so on. There are no file type restrictions. You may encrypt any type of file.

PC Lock requires you to enter your password and answer two security questions while you log-in to it. During file encryption you may make new values for the failed login attempts. For example after 7 failed attempts the user (probably the person who steals your laptop) will be warned, after 10 attempts local access will be completely denied to him. Hence you can at any time log-in to your Web Portal and disable access to these files or simply delete them.

Get Rid of Error 1015 iPhone

iPhone get stuck in middle with error 1015. It doesn’t go beyond the Apple logo. In such cases, follow the instructions given below:

1. Activate DFU Mode
2. Download Firmware Files
3. Make sure you have SHSH Blobs Saved on Cydia
4. Check for Updates
5. Repair Registry Errors

Activate DFU Mode

Do not get confused between DFU Mode and Recovery Mode. Both are different terms. Put your iPhone device into the DFU Mode to fix error 1015.

1. Connect the iPhone to your computer.
2. Turn your iPhone off.
3. Double click iTunes desktop shortcut.
4. Hold the Power & Home buttons simultaneously. Keep holding them for approximately 12-15 seconds.
5. Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button.
6. Once your computer recognizes the newly connected USB connection, please do release the Home button.
7. iTunes shall recognize your iPhone automatically. Wait few seconds.

Download Firmware Files

You might need to download the required iOS 4.0.1 IPSW Firmware. Click here to download the firmware and fix error 1015.

Make sure you have SHSH Blobs Saved on Cydia

In order to prevent error 1015 make sure you have the SHSH Blobs saved on Cydia. The firmware version you’re downgrading/ restoring should have SHSH Blobs files saved. Without it the downgrade or restore process fails.

Check for Updates

Check for application updates and download-install them. You might have an older version of iTunes installed. Latest version includes patches & updates that resolve application bugs and errors.

In addition to this download and install Windows updates. Get latest patches from the Microsoft website as shown here:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Windows Update.
2. Click Check for Updates button.
3. The update check-up process may start. Please wait while.
4. Click Download and Install Updates button.

Repair Registry Errors

Scan and repair problems detected in your Registry. Use a Registry Cleaner software to do so.

1. Download Registry Cleaner software-> RegInOut
2. Install and run it.
3. Start full scan.
4. Fix all errors detected.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Why File Encryption is Necessary

File encryption deals with protection of sensitive data stored on hard disk and transferred over the internet. It aims to secure your data against cyber attacks. ChiperPost is one such email encryption service that is used by individuals and businesses to protect confidential information.

ChipsetPost is helpful for businesses that want to send confidential information to a number of recipients for example: contractors, partners and clients. This information is sent to wide range of recipients and needs secure transmission. Chiperset is an easy and secure service because AppRiver is taking responsibility of data security.

Password Protect your Information

It is very important to password protect and encrypt information that you sent via email. Due to increasing concern over internet security, it has become important to protect your emails from email spoofing, hackers and cyber thefts. In some cases the company has to follow cyber laws applicable to the State. The information has to be protected. You might need to protect your file with password and inform the party with another media or via telephone. Industries such as Healthcare which follow HIPAA regulations may have to password protect their data according to the laws applicable.

Secure your Emails

When a normal email is sent, it first delivers to a particular email server and then it reaches to the email recipient. There is thus risk of data theft, disclosure of information as the information is temporarily stored on insecure servers. The solution is to encrypt your email to ensure maximum security.

How does ChipperPost Pro Works?

Use Appriver service to protect your emails. Browse Appriver corporate website and sign up for an account. They would provide you walk through to admin platform which has full access over email security. The administrator of the account can manage users, allocate bandwidth and can set policy whether email message could be saved locally or not. But the administrators have only access to system configuration & settings but not on individual files and messages.

Different Ways to Receive Secure Emails with ChipherPost Pro

ChipherPost Pro lets you receive your emails in Microsoft Office Outlook or read them from your web browser. You can also check message in AppRiver’s webmail interface. The interface of ChipherPost Pro is very similar to other webmail service. Interface has folder on the left hand that organizes messages. Additional options are placed on the right side of the interface. When you click on the message, it displays content.

Email Sending in ChipherPost Pro

Just click on compose mail to write any new message. Before transmission the interface of the ChipherPost pro would take care of encryption itself. You would a user tab which represents list of all authorized users. Additionally it has Files tab which shows attachments.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cydia NetDB Error Fix Revealed

Cydia is a software application for iPhone, iPad & iPod devices. It allows iOS users to download software packages to their iOS jailbroken.

Cydia NetDB error occurs when iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users try to download something on their Apple device. There are lots of complains over the internet about this error.

In this article you will learn how to resolve Cydia NetDB error. Follow the solution given below to resolve your problem.


1.       Wait till the server becomes free
2.       Restore iOS device
3.       Delete content in cydia.list folder
4.       Delete metadata.plist file
5.       Reboot your Apple device

Wait till the Server Becomes Free

In order to resolve Cydia NetDB error first thing to check is whether the server is busy or not. A busy server means the server receives lots of download requests simultaneously. This could be the reason behind this error message. Hence heck back after a few hours.

Restore iOS Device

You are required to restore iOS device because restoring iOS device can fix Cydia NetDB error. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

·         Connect your Apple device to your computer
·         Select your Apple device when it appear in iTunes
·         You will see two buttons “Check for updates” and “Restore <device>”
·         Click the Restore button
·         You will see a “Slide to setup” when your iOS device restore starts
·         Follow the steps given in iOS setup assistant

Delete Content in cydia.list Folder

Cydia NetDB error can occur because of corrupt or missing content in cydia.list folder. You are required to delete all the content in this folder. Follow the procedure given below to delete the content:

·         Switch on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
·         Open iFile, iFunBox or Mobile Terminal from your device
·         Now go to the following path to access the folder:
     \private\etc\aptsources.list.d\cydia.list (folder)
·         Delete all content in the folder.
·         Hopefully  this tweak has resolved the problem.

Delete metadata.plist file

Cydia NetDB error occurs because of bad URLs in metadata.plist file. You are required to delete metadata.plist file to deal with all the bad URLs. Follow the instructions given below to do so:

·         Switch on your Apple device
·         Go to the following path:
\private\var\lib\cydia\metadata.plist (file)
·         Delete metadata.plist file
·         Hopefully this tweak has resolved the problem for you

Reboot your Apple device

All the changes you have made by applying above mentioned tweaks could be functional after rebooting your Apple device. So reboot your Apple device to make the changes effective and to resolve Cydia NetDB error.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

·         Press and hold sleep/wake button until red slider appears
·         Now drag your finger from slider and your device will be turnoff after few minutes
·          Again press and hold sleep/wake button until Apple logo appears
·         You have rebooted your Apple device