Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What are the ways to download sound drivers for Windows 8?

What are the ways to download sound drivers for Windows 8? Its common question inquired by Windows 8 users. To download drivers for any version of Windows—you should know the brand of your computer.

Windows 8 is newly launched operating system to capture smartphone’s market. However, fraction of desktop users is shifted to new release. But most of them found problem with sound or they fail to properly configure screen resolution because of sound driver.

This article is published by Sorcim to help Windows 8 users’ combat instability due to sound. Users are required to perform all steps carefully before switching to next step.

  • Properly Check Hardware
  • Check sound card and Install Latest Driver
  • Check Volume Controls
  • Update Sound Driver through Windows Update

Properly Check Hardware

If your hardware is not setup properly, you would face problem with sound. Check following things carefully.
  1. Properly connect cables into right place
  2. Check Volume
  3. Ensure that hardware (sound card) has power

Check Sound Card and Install Latest Driver

Make sure you have sound card installed and its working properly. Follow the steps given below to check sound card.
  1. Click on Start | Type “Device Manager” in Search Box
  2. Right-click on Device Manager to Run as Administrator
  3. In Device Manager, double-click on Sound-game controller category.
  4. Right-click on Sound Card to select Properties
  5. Note down the name of sound card.
  6. Download latest driver from manufacturer’s website (Make sure driver is compatible with Windows

Check Volume Controls

If you have external speakers attached to your system, make sure speaker’s power is turned ON. Follow the instructions given below to check volume controls.
  1. Click on Start | Select Control Panel
  2. GOTO hardware and sound
  3. Adjust volume | Move slider to increase sound

Update Sound Driver through Windows Update

Your sound processor should be compatible with Windows 8 to avoid sound related issues. Outdated sound driver may not be able to establish communication with operating system.
Turn ON Windows update to automatically detect and download any changes. Updating drivers through Windows update is simple; just follow the steps given below.
  1. Click on Start | Type Update in Search Box
  2. Click on Windows Update
  3. In Windows Update, check for updates regarding your Sound Card
  4. OK
  5. Click on Install Updates on Windows Update page.
  6. Enter correct administrator password if prompted.
  7. Windows will let you know once updated successfully.

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