Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tips to Fix GTA 4 Crash

Wondering why GTA 4 crashes on PC? There are several reasons why the game crashes. This article is complete solution for PC users to avoid GTA IV crashes.
·         Check Minimum System Requirement
·         Verify Integrity of Game’s Cache
·         Turn OFF DEP
·         Disable V-sync
·         Update Device Drivers
·         Disable Antivirus Program
·         Verify Registry Settings

Check Minimum System Requirement

GTA 4 crashes if your system does not meet minimum requirement for game. Below is given minimum system specification.

·         Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows XP
·         Central Processing Unit: Intel Core 2 Due 1.8 GHz or better
·         Hard Disk: Should have minimum of 16 GB free disk space
·         Random Access Memory: 1.5 GB for Vista and 1 GB for Windows XP
·         Video Card: Nvidia 7900 or above

Verify Integrity of Game’s Cache

Verify Integrity of Game’s Cache in order to avoid GTA 4 crashes. Follow the instructions given below to verify integrity of game’s cache.

1.       Close all active programs
2.       Now open steam | Select GTA IV
3.       Right-click on GTA IV to select properties | Click on Local Files
4.       Now click on Verify Integrity of Game’s Cache
5.       Follow on-screen instructions

Turn OFF Data Execution Prevention

Try adding launch application to DEP; it would help resolving GTA IV crash. Here are steps to add launch application to DEP.

1.       Close all active programs
2.       Click on Start | Select Control Panel
3.       Click on System and Security
4.       Now view amount of RAM and Processor
5.       Click on Advanced System Settings | Performance /Settings
6.       Now click on Data Execution Prevention
7.       Check “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select” | Add and find launch exe

Disable V-sync

Another solution to fix GTA IV crash is to disable V-sync. Follow these simple instructions to disable V-sync.

1.       Close Steam
2.       Double-click on My Computer | Select C Drive
3.       Double-click on Program Files | GTA 4
4.       Right-click on LaunchGTAIV.exe | Select Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut)
5.       Now GOTO desktop and Right-click on newly created Shortcut
6.       Select Properties | Type following type the following path in the Target box: RockStar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\LaunchGTAIV.exe.-novblank under Shortcut tab
7.       Apply & OK

Update Device Drivers

GTA 4 crash can be due to outdated device drivers. Update device drivers through steps given below.

1.       Download some reliable Driver Downloader
2.       Check for driver updates and install updated drivers if required.
Note: GOTO device manager to update drivers if you do not want to use driver downloader.

Disable Antivirus Program

Try disabling antivirus to prevent GTA 4 crash. Below are steps to disable antivirus.

1.       Right-click on Antivirus Icon
2.       Select “Disable Until Restart”

Verify Registry Settings

GTA IV crash and other game related problems can be due to corrupted Windows Registry. Optimize Windows Registry to improve performance of games on your PC.

1.       Download and Install RegInOut system utility software
2.       Click on Registry Cleaner
3.       Start Scan | Fix Errors

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