Monday, January 21, 2013

Instantly Repair App Error 523

BlackBerry users sometimes see a white screen with App Error 523. A text something like “JVM 523” also appears. Do you encounter this error and wonder why does it appear? If so, you have come at the right place. We’ll provide you all that information needed to deal with BlackBerry App Error 523.

1. Perform Hard Reset
2. Update BlackBerry Device Software
3. Remove Recently Installed Apps
4. Start BlackBerry in the Safe Mode

Perform Hard Reset

Hard Reset is a troubleshooting method. It completely turns off and restarts the BlackBerry Smartphone. It involves physically removing and reinserting the batteries. Do it so that App Error 523 will not appear again.

1. There is battery cover at the back of BlackBerry Smartphone. Use it to remove your
2. Wait 10-20 seconds and reinsert the battery again.
3. Replace the battery cover.

Update BlackBerry Device Software

You might have outdated BlackBerry device software. Update it as shown below:

1. Connect your BlackBerry Smartphone to a computer. Use a USB cord to establish this
2. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. Visit BlackBerry Device Software
     Update website:
3. Click Update your Software button. (It’s a blue colored button)
4. Let the software updater program install browser add-on/ download new files to your
    computer. If you get a add-on install or download confirmation, please click the Run
5. Click on “Check for Updates”.
6. Your BlackBerry Smartphone shall ask your password. Please type the valid password in
     Unlock BlackBerry Device textbox and click OK.
7. The update check-up process shall start. Please be patient.
8. Click Get Update button to download-install the updates. Follow the on screen

Remove Recently Installed Apps

App Error 523 appears if any recently installed applications are not working properly. These applications could be originally designed for other system specifications or the installation is not finished properly. Remove recently installed applications.

1. Go to Settings | Options | Advanced | Applications.
2. Select a recently installed application, press Menu key and select Delete.
3. Select the Yes option when prompted to restart your Smartphone.

Start BlackBerry in the Safe Mode

Safe Mode prevents third party Blackberry applications from running at the startup interval. Start it with Safe Mode as shown below:

1. Switch off your Blackberry Smartphone.
2. The red colored Light Emitting Diode (LED) goes out within a few seconds. Press and hold
     the Esc key until loading screen appears.
3. Release the Escape key once loading screen appears.
4. Safe mode disclaimer appears. Click OK to confirm.

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